Season 2
Tumble Leaf
13 EPISODES • 2015
Season 2 of Tumble Leaf was released on December 10 and consists of 13 episodes.

Season 1


1: Magic Mirror / A Rainbow in My Room
Dec 10, 2015
MAGIC MIRROR: In a race against time, Fig and Hedge must learn how to do their floating magic trick before their invited audience arrives. A RAINBOW IN MY ROOM: Fig chases a rainbow, hoping to catch it so Stick can keep it in their room.
2: Snowflake Dance / The Tinsel Tree Topper
Dec 11, 2015
SNOWFLAKE DANCE: An injured Rutabaga can't do the Snowflake Dance so Maple steps in and learns the dance in unexpected ways. THE TINSEL TREE TOPPER: When Fig loses, then breaks a special holiday tree topper, he learns that just being together is a reason to celebrate.
3: Gourd Gets Stuck / The Swing of Things
Dec 10, 2015
GOURD GETS STUCK: Fig and Maple set out to rescue Gourd and help him get his beloved teddy bear back. THE SWING OF THINGS: Fig's pocket-watch-on-a-chain is too small for all the barnacles to swing on together, so he searches for a swing big enough for all of them.
4: Okra's Sweater / Stick's Meshroom Mansion
Dec 10, 2015
OKRA'S SWEATER While delivering a sweater to Okra the Octopus, the sweater accidentally unravels and Fig and Hedge learn how to weave a new sweater. STICK'S MESHROOM MANSION To accomodate Stick's ever-growing surfshell collection, Fig adds to Stick's arm barrel home until Fig can no longer carry it. Will Stick choose his collection or Fig?
5: Stick is Sick / Things That Go Gourd In The Night
Dec 10, 2015
STICK IS SICK: As a noisy beetle concert blares nearby, Fig must figure out how to create quiet so a sick Stick can rest and get better. THINGS THAT GO GOURD IN THE NIGHT: A sleep-dancing Gourd causes quite the stir as Fig and his friends use their imaginations to solve the mystery of what is making the strange sounds they're hearing in the night.
6: Figamajig / Camping It Up
Dec 10, 2015
FIGAMAJIG: Fig finds an unidentifiable object and sets off to ask Maple what it is, discovering along the way that it's a "Figure It Out" machine. CAMPING IT UP: When Fig and Hedge's supplies disappear, their campout seems doomed. But, Fig's blanket and their creative ingenuity save the day and their trip.
7: Mighty Mud Movers / Having A Ball
May 6, 2016
MIGHTY MUD MOVERS: When a leaky dam endangers the beetles' mud-sculpture, Fig and Buckeye puddle-jump to the rescue. HAVING A BALL: When Fig, Hedge and Pine go on a mini-vacation to Tumble World, Fig's scoop comes in handy in overcoming obstacles to getting there.
8: Yak Wash / The Caterpillar Wing Ding
Dec 10, 2015
YAK WASH: Fig turns a garden hose into a sprinkler and solves the mystery of the stinky dust that's covering him and his friends. THE CATERPILLAR WING DING: Fig is thrilled when Stick invites him to the Caterpillar Wing Ding to celebrate caterpillar traditions.
9: The Glow Below / Sub In A Bottle
Dec 10, 2015
THE GLOW BELOW: Fig takes his camera on an undersea adventure in Maple's submarine to find the source of a mysterious glimmering glow. SUB IN A BOTTLE: Fig and Maple receive a gift from a lonely, camouflaging cuttlefish - but when they go underwater to look for the gift sender, they have trouble finding him!
10: Buckeye's Runaway House / Caboose On The Loose
Dec 10, 2015
BUCKEYE'S RUNAWAY HOUSE: Buckeye is having trouble with his house rolling away and Fig discovers his yo-yo holds the solution. CABOOSE ON THE LOOSE: Fig and Buckeye come to the rescue as, on their way to the Show & Share Fair, everyone's craft carts get stuck together and form a runaway train with the Chicks aboard!
11: Clam-tastic Voyage / Double Vision
Dec 10, 2015
CLAM-TASTIC VOYAGE: When Hedge claims to have seen the Abominable Snow Clam, Fig and Maple venture into a crystal-filled cave to help him prove it. DOUBLE VISION: Fig gives his binoculars to Hedge to distract him while they prepare "Hedge Day." But, from Hedge's partial view, it looks like his friends are in trouble.
12: Thinking Outside The Hoop / Fig's Hay-Maze-ing Wander
Dec 10, 2015
THINKING OUTSIDE THE HOOP: While Fig tries to master twirling a hoop with his hips, the runaway hoop serendipitously inspires solutions to his friends' problems. FIG'S HAY-MAZE-ING WANDER: Fig finds his friends, who are lost in a maze, not by figuring things out but by random wandering.
13: The Windy Hop / Captain's Cap
Dec 10, 2015
THE WINDY HOP: Fig uses his umbrella to navigate Gourd's long-lost Granny Coco through strong winds and lead her to Gourd for a family reunion. CAPTAIN'S CAP: When Ginkgo the Crab's hat is unwittingly blown into the Finding Place, Fig finds it and sets out to return it to its rightful owner - whoever that may be.
Season 3
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