Season 1
Laakhon Mein Ek
8 EPISODES • 2017
All that 15-year-old Aakash wants to do is make mimicry videos and post them online. Instead, he finds himself in an IIT coaching institute called Genius Infinity, where he is a misfit, unable to cope with the syllabus, and placed in the notorious section D. Now, along with roommates Bakri and Chudail, Aakash will learn to answer life's multiple-choice questions.


1: Projectile
Oct 13, 2017
15 year old Aakash is forced by his father to get into IIT and before he can realise, he finds himself in the bottom most division of Genius Infinity, an IIT coaching institute. A complete misfit at the institute, academics seem just way too fast for Aakash to grasp. But with his father's dreams in his eyes, giving up is something he cannot consider.
2: Pressure
Oct 13, 2017
Unable to cope up with academics, Aakash grows more and more frustrated. Disappointing results and severe discrimination in the institution only makes matters worse. As he begins to realise that it isn't a level playing field, Aakash finds it difficult to believe that he can get into IIT only through hard work.
3: Equilibrium
Aug 19, 2012
Aakash achieves his dreams of getting into section A but as he makes himself comfortable in his new surroundings, Chandrakanth refuses to let him be one amongst the elite and strongly opposes him. His results improve and he revels in his parent's appreciation but begins to miss his friends.
4: Roots
Oct 13, 2017
Chandrakanth's actions place Moorthy in a difficult situation forcing him to take extreme measures. Aakash finds himself in troubled waters and a way out seems impossible. The boys must now stay one step ahead of Moorthy if they want to survive. But time is running out and Moorthy is a tough adversary.
5: Minima
Oct 13, 2017
Moorthy turns into a totalitarian dictator and Aakash finds himself blamed for all the discontent in the institute. With the living conditions falling and everyone's stress levels rising, even the teachers choose sides. Aakash's parents pay a surprise visit which leads to disastrous consequences.
6: Entropy
Oct 13, 2017
After a heart to heart with an old friend, Aakash decides that he no longer wants to be at Genius Infinity. But leaving proves difficult as Aakash realises that all the students of the institute are at the tipping point of their rage. This show is similar to Kota Factory
7: Camp
Oct 20, 2017
The Cataract Removal Camp progresses smoothly without any glitches in execution. While Shreya celebrates the end of the first day of the camp with her team, a turn of events is on the way.
8: In-conclusion
Oct 27, 2017
With everyone seeking to plead innocent in the turn of events, Shreya believes in taking responsibility for her actions. She stands up for the truth backed up by Bhola. However, her honesty has to pay a heavy price.
Season 2
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