The Dangerous Book for Boys

Season 1

Mar 29, 2018

Season 1 of The Dangerous Book for Boys was released on March 29 and consists of 6 episodes.


1: How To Walk on the Moon
Mar 29, 2018
As the McKenna family struggles to express their feelings about the loss of Patrick, Uncle Terry, Patrick's twin brother, reappears in their lives. The boys are given The Dangerous Book for Boys, and Wyatt soon finds himself caught up in vivid fantasies inspired by it, and must navigate both a mission to the moon and his family's emotions.
2: How to Play Poker
Mar 29, 2018
As Beth struggles with the family's rapidly deteriorating financial situation, Tiffany and Uncle Terry try to help out in their own unique ways. Wyatt, meanwhile, travels from the Old West to the Poker World Championship as he learns the importance of when to be honest and when to bluff.
3: How to be an Explorer
Mar 29, 2018
With both his mom and his teachers concerned about him, Wyatt is sent to a therapist, where he struggles with the idea that he might be crazy. Meanwhile, Beth tries to keep the family's spirits up at all costs, and Liam, to Dash's delight, finds himself under a troublesome hex.
4: The Trojan War
Mar 29, 2018
As money problems deepen, Beth attempts to earn extra income by working as a rideshare driver. Wyatt, wanting to help out, opens a lemonade stand. When Liam and Dash get involved, it quickly leads to an all-out lemonade war with a competing stand.
5: How to Talk to Girls
Mar 29, 2018
After Wyatt flames out trying to talk to his fifth grade crush, he turns to Patrick and The Dangerous Book for help on how to talk to girls. Meanwhile, Dash and Terry attempt to bond over a video game, and Liam finds unexpected help with his shop class project.
6: How to Build a Treehouse
Mar 29, 2018
Beth kicks Uncle Terry out of the house after his well-intentioned project yields damage to the McKenna home. With a bedroom damaged and the entire family unraveling around him, Wyatt wonders if he might be better off alone.