Diablo Guardián
Season 1

Season 2

Apr 12, 2019

Season 2 of Diablo Guardián was released on April 12 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: En Busca De Mi Camaro Amarillo
Apr 12, 2019
An accidental elevator jam at the office serves as pretext for Pig to dig into Violetta's life, who starts to uncover stories about her past that are still after her. Pig expresses his interest in turning her life into a novel, but she is not ready to reveal everything just yet. Violetta can't escape the claws of her worst nightmare.
2: Overstock De Mentiras
Apr 12, 2019
Violetta and Pig turn to Marina to report Bosco's abuse, but they need proof to make a formal accusation. Pig attempts to get Pedro to spill, but in doing so reveals his and Violetta's true intentions. Faced with uncertainty, Pig and Violetta try to fix things, each in their own way.
3: Corre, Huye, Desaparece... Conmigo
Apr 12, 2019
Pig gets his job back at the agency, but suspects of Violetta's involvement in Bosco's case and decides to set up a trap. At the same time, Rebeca bribes Bosco, Guerrero tries to manipulate the situation, but nothing goes as planned. Bosco leaves the agency threatening Guerrero. Pig and Violetta decide to start over.
4: The Passenger
Apr 12, 2019
Guerrero and Carballo attempt to close a new account with the son of an important client. Guerrero begins to suspect the romance between Pig and Violetta and decides to test her loyalty by sending her to a new client. Marina seeks justice for Rebecca, but can't get any proof unless Violetta testifies.
5: Puntos Suspensivos
Apr 12, 2019
When Bosco's scandal breaks, Guerrero confronts his ex-partner but both parties have dangerous information on each other. Guerrero threatens Marina and forces her to back down. Pig has plans to run away with Violetta and leave the past behind, but she sees an opportunity to get revenge on Guerrero and earn back her freedom. An unexpected event will test her.
6: My Hero Is A Bastard
Apr 12, 2019
After Bosco's murder, Violetta fears for her life. The agency decides to separate themselves from the scandal. Guerrero lies about a business trip to get away from the spotlight and Pig makes headway with his novel, but furious after finding out the truth, goes back to Marina. Violetta has a burst of jealousy that will have consequences.
7: Amor Apache
Apr 12, 2019
While investigations continue into Bosco's death, Violetta seeks the help of her Diablo Guardián, but Pig is not ready to forgive her. Guerrero suspects that Violetta might have been the one to have stolen Bosco's computer and threatens her once again. Violetta receives information about Bosco's real killer, but a new murder will change everything.
8: Yo Maté A Violetta
Apr 12, 2019
Pig fears that Violetta might be in danger and attempts to report her disappearance. Bosco's true killer demands an investigation about the whereabouts of his daughter. A body raises suspicions about Violetta's death and Guerrero is the prime suspect. Pig has a new story to write, and this time no detail will be spared; Violetta's revenge is now in his hands.