The Protector
Season 3

Season 4

Jul 9, 2020

Season 4 of The Protector was released on July 9 and consists of 7 episodes.

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1: Episode 1
Jul 9, 2020
Back in the past, Hakan steals an item from Vizier and encounters a familiar face. Zeynep sets out to prove her loyalty to the Immortals.
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2: Episode 2
Jul 9, 2020
Amid a search for the potion in the past, Hakan overhears details of a fatal plot against Vizier. The Oracle reveals to Zeynep a cryptic prophecy.
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3: Episode 3
Jul 9, 2020
After deciphering Okhan's note, Hakan scrambles to foil a sinister scheme against the Sultan — with unexpected consequences.
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4: Episode 4
Jul 9, 2020
Faysal turns the tables on Vizier. Trapped in a precarious state, Hakan gains an unlikely ally. Zeynep acquires tremendous powers.
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5: Episode 5
Jul 9, 2020
Zeynep shows Hakan a vision of the future — but she hides a crucial detail. Vizier confronts Okhan and Faysal in her search for the truth about Harun.
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6: Episode 6
Jul 9, 2020
Hakan visits a healer with an unexpected link to Harun's past. Faysal sets his scheme in motion as Hakan's talismanic powers fade.
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7: Episode 7
Jul 9, 2020
Hakan wakes up to a different reality. Zeynep and Hakan discover Faysal's shocking connection to the first Protector.
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