The Expanse
Season 2

Season 1

Dec 14, 2015

In season one, the disappearance of rich-girl-turned-political-activist Julie Mao linked the lives of Ceres' detective Joe Miller, accidental ship captain James Holden and U.N. politician Chrisjen Avasarala. Amidst political tension between Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt, these three individuals unravel the single greatest conspiracy of all time.

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1: Dulcinea
Dec 14, 2015
In the outer solar system near Saturn, James Holden and the crew of the ice-freighter Canterbury, investigate a distress call from a mysterious derelict ship, the Scopuli. On Ceres Station, Detective Miller begins an off the book investigation of a missing heiress, Julie Mao.
2: The Big Empty
Dec 15, 2015
Holden and crew are trapped in badly damaged shuttle. On Ceres, Miller uncovers clues about Julie Mao. On Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala questions a terrorist.
3: Remember the Cant
Dec 22, 2015
Holden and the crew are taken prisoner by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. Miller deals with unhappy rioters. Avasarala plays politics and gets severely burned.
4: CQB
Dec 29, 2015
Holden and crew find themselves in the middle of a desperate battle while still aboard the Martian battleship. Miller’s partner, Havelock, goes missing.
5: Back to the Butcher
Jan 5, 2016
Holden finds an unlikely ally. Miller’s obsession with Mao intensifies.
6: Rock Bottom
Jan 12, 2016
Miller gains valuable information from a hidden data cube. Holden and his crew learn their host’s agenda.
7: Windmills
Jan 19, 2016
Holden and his crew face a Martian military blockade. Miller finds a new reason to forge ahead. Avasarala visits Holden’s family.
8: Salvage
Jan 26, 2016
A derelict vessel holds a potentially devastating secret. Holden and his crew cross paths with Miller on Eros. Avasarala receives bad news.
9: Critical Mass
Feb 2, 2016
Julie's origin story ends up revealing her trajectory. Holden and Miller work together as they take a look at a strange emergency happening on Eros.
10: Leviathan Wakes
Feb 2, 2016
Avasarala uncovers a game-changing secret while the future of the human race might be in Holden and Miller's hands.