Master of None
Season 2

Season 1

Nov 6, 2015

Season 1 of Master of None was released on November 6 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: Plan B
Nov 6, 2015
A condom mishap and a kid's birthday party prompt Dev to consider the reality of having children.
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2: Parents
Nov 6, 2015
First-generationers Dev and Brian try to show their appreciation for their immigrant parents at a joint family dinner.
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3: Hot Ticket
Nov 6, 2015
Dev's plan to score a date with a pretty waitress by inviting her to a concert doesn't have quite the result he wanted.
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4: Indians on TV
Nov 6, 2015
Dev has a series of eye-opening experiences after he encounters some casual racism in TV auditions.
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5: The Other Man
Nov 6, 2015
Dev has the chance to hook up with a woman he meets at a party, but the opportunity comes with a few complications.
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6: Nashville
Nov 6, 2015
For his first official date with Rachel, Dev decides to go big and take her to Nashville for the weekend.
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7: Ladies and Gentlemen
Nov 6, 2015
Rachel and Denise school Dev and Arnold about the difficulties of being a woman in a world of creepy dudes. Dev is inspired to embrace feminism.
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8: Old People
Nov 6, 2015
An unexpected death inspires Dev and Rachel to visit Rachel's grandmother, while Arnold contends with a strange inheritance.
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9: Mornings
Nov 6, 2015
Dev and Rachel discover that living together isn't always going to be a series of happy mornings free from conflict and dirty clothes on the floor.
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10: Finale
Nov 6, 2015
After attending a wedding and a movie premiere, Dev and Rachel have to face up to all kinds of issues between them.
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