Season 2
The D'Amelio Show
10 EPISODES • 2022
As personal and professional relationships overlap, the D'Amelio family faces new challenges at every turn, from public scandals to maintaining mental health, as they share the truth behind their online lives.

Season 1


1: Somewhere to Start
Sep 28, 2022
Charli secretly considers a new creative pursuit, while Dixie prepares for her first tour. Dixie and Noah face uncertainty as their careers grow. Charli agrees to come out of dance retirement in a big way.
2: The Time of My Life
Sep 28, 2022
Dixie finally gets the spotlight on the Jingle Ball tour. Charli also makes a move to center stage, as she recreates an iconic dance number with Derek and Julianne Hough. Dixie reveals the truth about her relationship with Noah to Marc and Heidi.
3: Going Through a Break-Up
Oct 5, 2022
The family makes big decisions about their future, but arguments among sisters threatens their plans. While Charli considers moving in with Dixie, she worries her secret interest in music could ruin everything.
4: Clout-Chasing Sister
Oct 5, 2022
Dixie misses Noah, while contending with online “cheating” rumors. Marc and Heidi discuss the risks of keeping Charli’s music secret from Dixie, as we hear Charli sing for the first time.
5: Public Drama
Oct 12, 2022
A trip home to Connecticut stirs up mixed emotions for Dixie and Charli. Dixie wonders whether Noah is more loyal to his fans than his loved ones. Charli questions whether to pursue a new business venture, while struggling with her skin.
6: Something's Off
Oct 12, 2022
Charli gets a lead role in a horror movie, while still working on her secret music project. Dixie and Noah make big decisions about the future of their relationship. Heidi worries about her family being pulled apart as she faces a tragic loss.
7: Charli Lied to Me
Oct 19, 2022
As Heidi grieves, Dixie and Charli rally around their mom for a mother-daughter photoshoot. Charli's music secret is revealed and the family deals with the fallout of keeping the news from Dixie.
8: At Your First and At Your Worst
Oct 19, 2022
An argument between Noah and Dixie reveals some trust issues. The family packs up issues of their own and heads for Vegas, in the hopes of setting sister grievances aside.
9: You’re Being Drama
Oct 26, 2022
Charli heads back into the studio to improve her single, but a new guy friend distracts her attention; as Dixie prepares for her album release and tour, her physical and mental health suffers as she and Noah consider a summer apart.
10: This Season Has Been a Rollercoaster
Oct 26, 2022
As Charli and her new guy friend face harsh rumors, she makes some exciting moves as she turns 18-both in her love life and with her music; Dixie prepares for her album launch and live performance, but anxiety threatens two years of hard work; Charli debuts the music video for her debut single "if you ask me to"
Season 3
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