High Seas
Season 2

Season 3

Aug 7, 2020

When the Bárbara de Braganza sets sail from Argentina to Mexico, Eva joins a mission to root out a scientist harboring a fatal virus on board.

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1: New Course
Aug 7, 2020
The Bárbara de Braganza prepares to set sail from Argentina to Mexico but, first, Eva is asked to help undercover agents find a man harboring a virus.
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2: Masks
Aug 7, 2020
When a serious crime occurs aboard the ship, Fabio warns Eva their mission is getting dangerous. Carolina becomes entangled in the mystery.
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3: Groundswell
Aug 7, 2020
As the crimes continue, Eva's involvement raises suspicions. Fabio distrusts Carolina. The crew begins to have doubts about the captain's abilities.
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4: Chasing Shadows
Aug 7, 2020
When Fabio gets detained, Eva tries to find Steve's photograph. Carmen's prisoner attempts an escape.
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5: Locked Up
Aug 7, 2020
Verónica seeks help for the bandaged woman traveling with Carmen. Nicolás wonders why the Bárbara de Braganza changed course. Fabio interrogates Ayala.
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6: The Eternal Sea
Aug 7, 2020
The Bárbara de Braganza is attacked on multiple fronts just as the virus starts spreading and the passengers and crew attempt to procure a vaccine.
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