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Season 2

Apr 27, 2018

Season 2 of 3% was released on April 27 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: Chapter 01: Mirror
Apr 27, 2018
With days to go before the next Process, Joana tries to prove herself to the leader of the Cause, and Michele faces an ultimatum from Ezequiel.
2: Chapter 02: Toaster
Apr 27, 2018
As Rafael races to score a spot on the Inland squad, flashbacks recap his first year in the Offshore. Fernando reluctantly coaches Process hopefuls.
3: Chapter 03: Static
Apr 27, 2018
Desperate to protect Glória, Fernando realizes there's another way to stop the Process. Michele and Rafael separately try to contact the Cause.
4: Chapter 04: Napkin
Apr 27, 2018
Ivana and Joana subject their captives to grueling interrogations to find out who's telling the truth. Marcela reaches out to an Inlander for help.
5: Chapter 05: Lamp
Apr 27, 2018
Michele and the others discover another side to Ezequiel as he retraces his turbulent journey from Process No. 80 to the present.
6: Chapter 06: Bottles
Apr 27, 2018
As the hunt for Cause members heats up, Glória wrestles with nagging doubts, Michele and Joana search for the bomb, and Fernando makes a defiant move.
7: Chapter 07: Fog
Apr 27, 2018
Fernando finds an unlikely new ally. Michele undergoes a mysterious procedure. A crisis leaves Rafael torn between Elisa and his mission.
8: Chapter 08: Frogs
Apr 27, 2018
Joana finds herself at the mercy of a figure from her past, Michele is led to a remote hiding place, and Marcela receives an unexpected invitation.
9: Chapter 09: Necklace
Apr 27, 2018
While Rafael, Fernando and Joana forge ahead with their plan, Michele discovers a shocking secret about the Offshore's past.
10: Chapter 10: Blood
Apr 27, 2018
Last-minute setbacks force Fernando and Joana to improvise. As chaos erupts on the day of the Process, Michele concocts a plan of her own.