Season 12
Trailer Park Boys
10 EPISODES • 2018
Season 12 of Trailer Park Boys was released on March 30 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 11


1: Chlamydia
Mar 30, 2018
Bubble's new brewing business is taking off, but things aren't going well for Julian and even worse for Ricky, who claims he has a big announcement.
2: Godspeed My Muscular Friend
Mar 30, 2018
In an attempt to go legit, Julian looks for a job at the mall and Ricky becomes a handyman. Lahey and Randy head to the racetrack.
3: The C**t Word
Mar 30, 2018
Julian runs a side hustle at his security job. Ricky sends Jacob and Trinity to his car when he hosts Susan for a romantic dinner that turns chaotic.
4: All the Sh*t I Need
Mar 30, 2018
Bubs loses it when Ricky "borrows" the truck to deal with a rat problem in the park, then lends it to Julian as part of another racket at the mall.
5: Happy Birthday Bubbles
Mar 30, 2018
The boys cause a panic in the park when a stunt they organize for Bubble's birthday goes a bit haywire. Julian puts his job in jeopardy.
6: Flow Me the Money
Mar 30, 2018
The boys learn that the prosecutor for Julian's trial is his ex. Ricky steps in to represent Julian in court after another plan goes awry.
7: Big C**k
Mar 30, 2018
Ricky and Julian help Bubbles fill a huge order of his new beer, Freedom 35, but a secret Ricky's been keeping could derail the delivery.
8: Will You for to Be F**king Married to Me?
Mar 30, 2018
Lahey tries to squeeze his way into the beer business. Ricky and Susan's fighting prevents Candy from getting a private moment with Julian.
9: Angel Sh*t Sent Down from Jesus God
Mar 30, 2018
When a big beer company wants to work with the boys, they need to come up with $50,000 to close the deal. And Ricky has an idea that could pay off.
10: F**kin' F**ked Out of Our F**kin' Minds
Mar 30, 2018
Bubbles organizes a huge stag party for Julian and Ricky, but when they hear police sirens approaching, it turns into an escape operation.
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