Outlaw King (2018)

Action, History, Drama, War

Released Friday, Nov 9, 2018

Status: Released


Forced into exile by the English after being crowned King of Scotland, legendary warrior Robert the Bruce fights to reclaim the throne.



Chris Pine
Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
James Douglas, Lord of Douglas
Florence Pugh
Elizabeth Burgh
Billy Howle
Edward, Prince of Wales
Sam Spruell
Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke
Tony Curran
Angus Og Macdonald, Lord of Islay
Callan Mulvey
John III Comyn, Lord of Badenoch
James Cosmo
Robert Bruce Senior
Stephen Dillane
King Edward I of England
Steven Cree
Sir Christopher Seton
Alastair Mackenzie
John Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl
Chris Fulton
Euan Bruce
Lorne MacFadyen
Neil Bruce
Jack Greenlees
Alexander Bruce
Rebecca Robin
Queen Margaret of England
Paul Blair
William Lamberton, Bishop of St. Andrews
Jonny Phillips
Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster
Ben Clifford
Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall
Jamie Maclachlan
Roger de Mowbray
Duncan Lacroix
Henry de Percy, Baron Percy
Kevin Mains
John Macduff, Earl of Buchan
Jamie Michie
Gilbert de la Hey, Barron of Errol
Gilly Gilchrist
Maol Choluim I, Earl of Lennox
Daniel Jackson
Sir Ingram de Umfraville
Duncan Airlie James
Henry de Beaumont, Baron Beaumont
Philip Kingscott
Nervous Aide
Vicki Liddelle
Margaret de Burgh
Gemma McElhinney
Lady Christina Seton
Stephen McMillan
Drew Forfar, Squire
Stephen McCole
Seamus Barber, Chamberlain
Josie O'Brien
Marjorie Bruce
Meg Fraser
Aileen Walker, Lady in Waiting
Elaine McKergow
Chamberlain Gayle Irvine
George Docherty
Iain Calder, Farmer
Robin Laing
Bishop of St. Andrews
Laurie Ventry
John de Kininmund, Bishop of Brechin
Tommy Jay Brennan
Matt Stokoe
John Segrave, Baron of Seagrave
Ferosa Mackenzie
Mary Coutts, Pie Seller
Ron Donachie
Robert Wishart, Bishop of Glasgow
Niall Greig Fulton
Patrick de Dunbar, Earl of March
Rab Affleck
Alexander le Scrymgeour
Kim Allan
Isabella Macduff, Countess of Buchan
Gavin Mitchell
Archibald Mason, Soldier
Tam Dean Burn
John Macdougall of Argyll
Benny Young
Lord Simon Fraser
Clive Russell
Lord Mackinnon of Skye
Jenny Hulse
Aine Macdonald, Lady of Islay
Margaret Fraser
Stern Nun
Jamie Pigott
English Soldier
Frank Gilhooley
Thomas Dickson, Castellan
Barnaby Brown
Singing Pastor
Gerry Lynch
Terrified Servant
Ben Cuveller
French Soldier
Luke Mackenzie
Luke Kintail, Serf
Arthur Mackenzie
Arthur Kintail, Serf
Simon Tait
Daisy Littlefield
Young Girl
Tommy Jay Brennan
Gary McCormack
Thomas Potator, Farmer



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