Al Rawabi School for Girls

Season 1

Aug 12, 2021

Season 1 of Al Rawabi School for Girls was released on August 12 and consists of 6 episodes.

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1: School Was My Happy Place
Aug 12, 2021
The students are interrogated after a violent incident at a top-notch all-girls school, and new pupil Noaf finds herself stuck in a tight spot.
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2: Game On!
Aug 12, 2021
Vengeful, Mariam returns to school, but her troubles continue, especially when her bestie deserts her. A clash between Noaf and Layan sparks drama.
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3: What Goes Around Comes Around
Aug 12, 2021
The newly allied Mariam and Noaf set out to take down their first bully at the school's open day. Dina's efforts to fit in lead to a change of heart.
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4: Broken Glass
Aug 12, 2021
Rania and Layan vow to make whoever was responsible for Ruqayya's scandal pay. In spite of their success, the misfits argue about the next steps.
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5: And She Became a Stranger
Aug 12, 2021
On an overnight class trip, Layan and Rania make post-curfew plans. In the wake of a traumatic incident, Noaf starts to have second thoughts.
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6: The Calm Before the Storm
Aug 12, 2021
Emboldened, Mariam is hell-bent on getting back at her last target, despite Noaf and Dina's warnings about the real danger of her actions.
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