Season 4
Crossing Jordan
21 EPISODES • 2004
Season 4 of Crossing Jordan was released on September 26 and consists of 21 episodes.

Season 3


1: After Dark
Sep 26, 2004
A mysterious blackout blankets Boston, and leaves Jordan and Bug trapped in a tunnel. Meanwhile Woody is late for a very important date…or is he?
2: Out of Sight
Oct 3, 2004
A millionaire is found dead, and his neighbor quickly becomes a suspect. Only problem…he has not left is house in years. Elsewhere Macy and Lily have a show down with Homeland Security.
3: Intruded
Oct 10, 2004
After a night out with Woody, Jordan returns home and has an encounter with an intruder. In typical Jordan fashion she hides this information and Dr. Stiles gets involved. Will the combination of the intruder and Dr. Stiles prove too much for Jordan?
4: Deja Past
Oct 17, 2004
When Jordan is called to a spooky house from her past to investigate a death, she uncovers a murder. With the memories from her childhood Jordan faces the truth of the spooky house.
5: Justice Delayed
Oct 24, 2004
A black man was murdered 40 years ago in the deep South. The son asks for Jordan’s help in finding the truth. With questions to answer Jordan faces difficulty from a community that is not interested in the truth.
6: Blue Moon
Oct 31, 2004
With the phases of the Blue Moon determining how a killer acts, Woody and Jordan must work quickly to stop him before another victim dies. Elsewhere Lily finds the softer side of Detective Seely.
7: What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston (I)
Nov 7, 2004
When a jet from Las Vegas arrives with a dead man with three million dollars handcuffed to his wrist, Jordan and Woody have to eliminate the chaperones of murder. In a case that will lead Jordan and Woody to Las Vegas, not everything stays in Vegas. The crossover continues on Las Vegas S02E08 Two of a Kind (II).
8: Fire in the Sky
Nov 14, 2004
Jordan receives a late night call from Devan asking her to cover the shift. A plane crash has occurred and the staff soon learns one of their own was on that flight.
9: Necessary Risks
Nov 21, 2004
When an up and coming fencing start allegedly commits suicide, tests soon indicate murder. Elsewhere Dr. Macy is called to a scene of an organ harvest. Time is of the essence in both cases to find the killers.
10: A Stranger Among Us
Jan 2, 2005
When a gunman opens fire on a local diner the FBI knows it is related to a recently arrested drug lord. However Jordan and Dr. Macy are less than convinced. After some investigating they soon realize everything is not as it seems.
11: Murder in the Rue Morgue
Jan 9, 2005
When a lone gunman decides to commit murder inside the morgue, Jordan wonders if there is a connection to any of the recent admits. Where this case leads will cause Woody to dive deep into a world he does not know…to find the truth.
12: Family Affair
Jan 30, 2005
A young woman from a high class family is found dead in the woods, from an apparent accident. When evidence turns up that this is no accident, a movie will turn up a suspect. Elsewhere Jordan looks into the death of a young man…the evidence does not add up.
13: You Really Got Me
Feb 13, 2005
A guilty woman may be executed in Los Angeles for a crime Jordan helped put her away for. When evidence turns up in Boston that may exonerate her Jordan and Woody are off to California.
14: Gray Murders
Mar 13, 2005
When a passenger and a baggage handler die from an international flight, authorities are worried about an air borne pathogen. When Dr. Macy discovers it was a drug overdose Woody starts the search for a drug smuggler.
15: It Happened One Night
Mar 20, 2005
Jordan’s father returns to help stop a vendetta…that he is all too familiar with. Meanwhile, Nigel and Bug are shooting for top honors, but a computer crash will leave them scrambling.
16: Skin and Bone
Mar 27, 2005
When a mass grave for the mob is found, the killer assaults Bug. Not long after the discovery Woody’s brother shows up sparking some suspicion. Lily and Nigel stay at Bug’s side waiting for him to wake up.
17: Locard's Exchange
Apr 10, 2005
When a convicted killer is set to be released from prison Woody, Dr. Macy and Jordan race the clock to turn up new evidence. Jordan must decide how far she will go for this case…as she takes the stand for the prosecution.
18: Sanctuary
Apr 24, 2005
Jordan suspects foul play in the death of a man. When the wife of the dead man takes Jordan and others hostage Woody, Dr. Macy and the others race to solve the murder to save one of their own.
19: Embraceable You
May 1, 2005
When a pregnant nun is found dead, Jordan, Woody, and Nigel are thrown into this case of biblical proportions. Elsewhere, Dr. Macy is on the trail of a black widow. Will be prove her innocent or become her next victim.
20: Forget Me Not
May 8, 2005
Nigel is spending the evening with his new soul mate when her daughter ends up kidnapped. Nigel is left with questions that science cannot answer. A man thought to be dead awakens on the autopsy table…scaring Lily.
21: Jump Push Fall
May 15, 2005
Some new evidence comes to light in an old case that involves Dr. Macy. Jordan is placed in charge of the case that will either make or break Dr. Macy. Meanwhile, Woody is hot on the trail of a cop killer, and Woody finds himself looking down the barrel of a gun.
Season 5
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