Limited Series
The Eddy
8 EPISODES • 2020
Season 1 of The Eddy was released on May 8 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Elliot
May 8, 2020
As jazz club owner Elliot juggles financial problems, band tensions and a visit from his teenage daughter, a shocking turn of events upends his life.
2: Julie
May 8, 2020
Julie enrolls in an international high school but soon grows restless and begins to act out. A worried Elliot hides evidence from the police.
3: Amira
May 8, 2020
After a strained funeral, the band surprises Amira with a very different kind of celebration. Elliot encounters the man who beat him up at the club.
4: Jude
May 8, 2020
Jude spends a wild and disorienting day with his ex — and her new beau. Elliot contends with demands from the gang and the police.
5: Maja
May 8, 2020
Just as Elliot closes in on a record deal, Maja receives an offer to go on tour with a famous singer and decides it's time to take stock of her life.
6: Sim
May 8, 2020
Up against a deadline, Elliot scrambles to find the missing cash. Julie tags along as Sim tries to raise money to send his grandmother to Mecca.
7: Katarina
May 8, 2020
While the band records with Franck Lévy, Katarina struggles under the weight of family obligations and regret. Julie and Sim decide to start fresh.
8: The Eddy
May 8, 2020
As Elliot prepares for his return to the stage, Julie's mother arrives in Paris, Amira's brother drops by with a warning, and Sami turns up the heat.
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