Season 1
YooHoo to the Rescue
26 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of YooHoo to the Rescue was released on March 15 and consists of 26 episodes.


1: The Stubborn Rhinoceros
Mar 15, 2019
When a young rhino struggles with a bad habit of head-butting, YooHoo, Chewoo, Roodee, Lemmee and Pammee journey to Indonesia for answers.
2: The Bat Sisters and the Starry Night
Mar 15, 2019
As the sparkling fruit signals a new mission, the team takes a trip to the Philippines, where a fruit bat needs help facing the night.
3: The Froggy Trio
Mar 15, 2019
A choir of cute frogs have lost their voices in Argentina. Can YooHoo and his trusty crew help restore the music?
4: The Leap of the Snow Leopard
Mar 15, 2019
When a sweet snow leopard loses sight of her best friend, YooHoo and the crew report for duty in India.
5: Down in the Rabbit Hole!
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo guides the crew to Portugal, where they encounter a rousing rabbit mystery that requires some expert solving.
6: Fly, Sugar Glider, Fly!
Mar 15, 2019
It’s time to go Down Under! Join the team as they travel to Australia to help a sensitive sugar glider find her way home.
7: Tail-fishing with the Polar Bear
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo's team springs into action and travels to the Arctic when a polar bear named Martee hurts his foot.
8: The Red Panda Masterpiece
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo leads a trip to Nepal to help a cute and cuddly group of red pandas support a painting project.
9: The Otter Brotherhood
Mar 15, 2019
On a trip to Argentina, the team helps a southern river otter with a bold babysitting adventure.
10: Sweet Dreams, Baby Moon Bear
Mar 15, 2019
It’s off to Korea for YooHoo’s crew when a moon bear loses track of his im-paws-ibly adorable friends.
11: Keeping Cool with the Giant Panda
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo's crew takes a 'round-the-world trip to China to help a snuggly panda beat the heat.
12: Chameleon, the King of Hide-and-Seek
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo's crew takes a trip to Madagascar, where they help a clever chameleon search for the true meaning of friendship.
13: Eating Healthy with the Blue-footed Sula Birds
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo and friends journey to the Galápagos Islands to help two blue-footed sula birds catch and prepare a fishy feast.
14: The Busiest Beaver
Mar 15, 2019
Ready to learn about the power of teamwork? Follow YooHoo’s crew to Canada as they help a crafty beaver build a dam.
15: Woodpecker, the Tree Doctor
Mar 15, 2019
The team travels to Costa Rica to help a red-crowned woodpecker break his habit of nonstop tree-drilling.
16: The Winterland Reindeer
Mar 15, 2019
It’s off to Greenland! Join the fun as the team works with Jolley the reindeer on a cold and snowy mission.
17: The Flight of the Whooping Crane
Mar 15, 2019
When a whooping crane struggles to mend his wounded wing, the team takes off on a trip to the state of Wisconsin.
18: Meerkats, Assemble!
Mar 15, 2019
On an epic trip to the Kalahari Desert, YooHoo and friends work with a meerkat duo to find a missing treasure.
19: The Buffalo's Favorite Friend
Mar 15, 2019
In Zambia, the team helps Stompee the buffalo reunite with his beloved bestie, Eggy the egret.
20: The Flamingo Ballet
Mar 15, 2019
In an effort to help a flamboyance of flamingos, YooHoo and his friends blast off to Chile -- and encounter a sticky situation!
21: Penguins on the Rocking Rock
Mar 15, 2019
A new mission calls for a chilly journey to Antarctica, where YooHoo and friends help rockhopper penguins learn the art of sharing.
22: The Thirsty Hippos
Mar 15, 2019
On a trip to Tanzania, the team befriends a trio of thirsty hippos and searches for new water sources.
23: The Sprinting Cheetahs
Mar 15, 2019
When Spotee, Bolt and Chase need a referee for their cheetah race, the crew returns to Namibia's Kalahari Desert to help.
24: The Smiling Quokkas
Mar 15, 2019
During a mission to Australia, the team befriends cute and cuddly quokkas who need new ways to stay out of the sun.
25: Perfect Home for the Spectacled Bear
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo and friends find their way to Colombia's Andes Mountains to help a bear look for a new home.
26: Ibex, the Rock Climbing Champion
Mar 15, 2019
YooHoo and his friends take flight to Italy and work together to help an Alpine ibex named Kixx.
Season 2
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