The End of the F***ing World
Season 2

Season 1

Oct 24, 2017

James is a 17-year old who believes he is justifiably a psychopath. Planning to kill a person to prove this, he comes across Alyssa, a rebellious, mouthy teenager. This only goes downhill from here.

Episode Ratings


1: Episode 1
Oct 24, 2017
James is a loner who doesn't engage with other people. His world is one of violent inner fantasies. No one talks to him at school, and he's happy with that. But everything changes in an instant when new girl Alyssa accosts him in the canteen… Alyssa is teenage angst made flesh. She feels estranged from her mum; hates her stepdad; and rejects pretty much everyone she meets. That is until she sees James sitting alone one day… Alyssa sees a kindred spirit in James – just as he identifies her as a potential victim. And so their journey begins…
2: Episode 2
Oct 24, 2017
Alyssa and James hit the road with a bang, but they soon realise how little they know each other.
3: Episode 3
Oct 24, 2017
Alyssa and James decide to lie low, but their hideaway turns out not to be as safe as it first appears.
4: Episode 4
Oct 24, 2017
In the fallout of their terrible act, real cracks begin to appear between James and Alyssa.
5: Episode 5
Oct 24, 2017
James and Alyssa arrive at a rundown town. James is unable to block out a memory from his past.
6: Episode 6
Oct 24, 2017
Excited to be reunited, Alyssa and James get back on the road, where their outlaw status is put to the test.
7: Episode 7
Oct 24, 2017
James and Alyssa make it to her father's place. But after the initial euphoria, cracks begin to show.
8: Episode 8
Oct 24, 2017
As the outside world threatens to close in, will James and Alyssa make it as a couple?