Season 1
10 EPISODES • 2023
Season 1 of Velma was released on January 12 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Velma
Jan 12, 2023
After teenage outcast Velma Dinkley is accused of killing a popular classmate, she has just 24 hours to find the real murderer. There’s only one problem: Velma has sworn off solving mysteries – forever.
2: The Candy Man
Jan 12, 2023
While Velma goes to new lengths to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance – including teaming up with her former BFF turned nemesis, Daphne – Norville faces an enemy of his own… stoners.
3: Velma Kai
Jan 19, 2023
When Principal Rogers enrolls all the female students in a self-defense class, Velma and Daphne must work out their complicated relationship on the mat. Meanwhile, Norville vows to get answers from Fred… by any means necessary.
4: Velma Makes a List
Jan 19, 2023
With Crystal Cove High’s hottest girls under attack, Velma questions her feminist values, while Fred analyzes his own views on women. After seeking Daphne’s help, Norville finds himself embroiled in a new mystery.
5: Marching Band Sleepover
Jan 26, 2023
After Crystal Cove instates a city-wide curfew, Velma has no choice but to spend the night with band geeks… and Fred. Later, Daphne makes a discovery of her own.
6: The Sins of the Fathers and Some of the Mothers
Jan 26, 2023
Velma vows to resolve her daddy issues. Norville rebels against his father’s beta lifestyle. Fred fights against his family’s anti-feminist ways. Daphne learns a series of shocking truths about her parents – and her past.
7: Fog Fest
Feb 2, 2023
As the Crystal Cove Fog Festival nears, Velma struggles to find answers to the town’s serial killer problem – and a date. Then, as Daphne explores feelings for a mysterious stranger, Fred and Norville face off for the Fog King crown.
8: A Velma in the Woods
Feb 2, 2023
After finding themselves trapped in a cave, Velma and Daphne are forced to confront their complicated relationship. While Fred proves he really does love women for their brains, Gigi vies for Norville’s attention.
9: Family (Wo)man
Feb 9, 2023
Given 72 hours to uncover the identity of the serial killer, Velma is forced to live a lie with Norville, while Daphne and Fred concoct a story of their own to get back in with the Brains.
10: The Brains of the Operation
Feb 9, 2023
While Velma races against the clock to find the true serial killer, Daphne pursues a new career path, Fred finds a way to channel his rage, and Norville attempts to get as far away from his former best friend as possible.
Season 2
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