Season 1
13 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of AMO was released on April 10 and consists of 13 episodes.


1: The Runner
Apr 10, 2018
After receiving a text message, high school student Joseph sneaks out of class to take care of some risky business in a local neighborhood.
2: The Officer
Apr 10, 2018
When Joseph's name appears on a suspects list kept by the police as part of a government crackdown on drug offenders, his Uncle Camilo takes action.
3: The Traitor
Apr 10, 2018
When Joseph spots a fellow gang member in suspicious company, he secretly follows him and witnesses a horrifying betrayal.
4: The Execution
Apr 10, 2018
In the middle of the night, Joseph sneaks out of his family's home to join his gang in seeking revenge against the traitor in their midst.
5: The Cheater
Apr 10, 2018
While visiting his sister in Manila, Joseph has another run-in with the law. His brother-in-law pulls some strings but makes his wife suspicious.
6: The Drug
Apr 10, 2018
As the extent of his double life unfolds, brother-in-law Bino introduces Joseph to the world of high-end party drugs.
7: The Party
Apr 10, 2018
Joseph enjoys his increased income, but the glamour of his new job is soon tarnished by a TV news report and an undercover operation.
8: The Operation
Apr 10, 2018
Bino tries to help Joseph and gang mate Tisoy cover their tracks. But the police are hot on their heels and determined to catch them, dead or alive.
9: The Asset
Apr 10, 2018
Police officer Rod joins colleague Camilo on a mission to capture a Japanese drug lord, using sex worker Christina as their undercover asset.
10: The Kidnap
Apr 10, 2018
With Christina's help, Rod and Camilo raid Takeo's home and make an arrest. But it soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary police capture.
11: The Cover-up
Apr 10, 2018
When the press start asking questions about an alleged kidnapping of a Japanese national, Camilo and Rod are ordered to cover their tracks.
12: The Whistleblower
Apr 10, 2018
Rod gets greedy and insists on going after the additional money they were promised, unaware Takeo's wife is working with a different police unit.
13: The Escape
Apr 10, 2018
Camilo goes into hiding and calls his boss, begging for help. Meanwhile, a witness comes forward and spills details of the kidnapping on a radio show.
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