The Second Serving
Green Eggs and Ham
10 EPISODES • 2022
Season 2 of Green Eggs and Ham was released on April 8 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 1


1: The Mom Identity
Apr 8, 2022
A taste of home sends Sam on a mission to find his mom, with Guy and E.B. in tow. But a plot twist takes their story in a wildly different direction.
2: Tinker Tailor Mother Spy
Apr 8, 2022
The friends hear the histories of Yookia and Zookia. Sam's desperate to connect with Pam, but a suspicious Guy doesn't trust her.
3: Goldenguy
Apr 8, 2022
Sam shadows Pam on a super-secret spy mission, even though she'd rather work alone. In tech-loving Zookia, Guy finds an inventor's paradise.
4: Three Days of the Mom-dor
Apr 8, 2022
Pam and Sam team up for an undercover job. A scampering squail leads E.B. to the top of the border wall, where she makes a mysterious new friend.
5: To Yookia With Love
Apr 8, 2022
E.B. runs away to spend the day with Looka. Everything's perfect - until a hidden relic reveals the truth about the history of the wall.
6: You Only Mom Twice
Apr 8, 2022
Sam and his mom track the Moo-Lacka-Moo to a tropical island crawling with surprises. Guy gets Michellee's message and can't believe his eyes.
7: Guyfall
Apr 8, 2022
A well-meaning Guy saves E.B. from danger and shares his doubts about Pam with Sam - but it only seems to push them both further away from him.
8: The Sam Who Came in From the Cold
Apr 8, 2022
So who gets the Moo-Lacka-Moo? With the fate of Yookia and Zookia hanging in the balance, the friends must decide where their loyalties lie.
9: On Her Dookess' Secret Service
Apr 8, 2022
Pam is forced to pick sides as the Zooks and Yooks prepare for an all-out war. A quick-thinking Michellee is Guy's secret weapon.
10: The Mom Who Loved Me
Apr 8, 2022
Butter side up, butter side down: The great butter battle is brewing! Can our heroes work together to stop it in time?
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