Season 1
The Writer
30 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of The Writer was released on May 6 and consists of 30 episodes.


1: Episode 1
May 6, 2019
Writer Younes Gibran’s movie is a success. He meets his lover, Tamara, in his mountain home, he gets a feeling that someone is watching him. Upon Tamara’s request, he reads a novel by her friend Shadi, but his opinion disappoints her. Younes finds Tamara's dead body in the mountain.
2: Episode 2
May 7, 2019
After Tamara’s body was discovered, the police starts interrogating everybody, especially Younes whose house keys were found in her pockets, so he is a suspect. Her sister discovers Tamara’s relationship with Younes after a journalist told her.
3: Episode 3
May 8, 2019
The investigation of Tamara’s murder continues. The lawyer Magdolin will defend Younes. The police ask journalist Ra’ed to stop any publishing on this case and then interrogates him. Ra’ed contacts Younes’s ex-wife to inquire about him. Shadi remembers what happened between him and Tamara.
4: Episode 4
May 9, 2019
Younes's ex-wife is acquitted after she provides her alibi. Younes is also released, and he decides to end his career as a writer. Tamara rejects Magdolin's suggestion that a fellow lawyer works on the case. Magdolin goes to a party with Hassan, who clearly is infatuated with her.
5: Episode 5
May 10, 2019
Magdolin's father is upset because she meets Younes outside work. A new lawyer takes on Tamara's case. Azzam and his wife testify that Younes was at their house. Younes goes back to writing. Journalist Tariq finds out that Younes's ex-wife is seeing another man.
6: Episode 6
May 11, 2019
Tariq asks Younes's ex-wife to cooperate with him. Tamara's sister tells her other sister, Amira, not to tell Ra'ed about the price of the ring. Younes realizes that someone has been watching him while he was on his way to Magdolin's house.
7: Episode 7
May 12, 2019
Magdolin's father gets infuriated when she takes Younes to he orphanage. Gihan gets upset that Younes has changed the locks. Younes asks Gihan to leave their son Yazan with him for a while. Meanwhile, the police resume their investigation of Tamara's murder.
8: Episode 8
May 13, 2019
Younes is cleared when a gang admits to killing Tamara. Younes, however, hires journalist Ra'ed as his private eye to learn who has been spying on him. Simultaneously, Younes asks Gihan to get out of his life for good.
9: Episode 9
May 14, 2019
Tamara’s sister, Sofia, meets Younes to find out about their relationship. The convicted gang denies killing Tamara, and the investigation is re-opened. Raed is assigned to watch The General.
10: Episode 10
May 15, 2019
Magdolin is upset about Younes's relationship with Tamara. Younes learns that it is Magdolin who has been watching him. Magdolin's father storms out when Younes asks for her hand in marriage. Madama Azzam tells Gihan she will fix things between her and Younes.
11: Episode 11
May 16, 2019
Younes is puzzled with the diamond ring again, especially when he sees it in Madama Azzam's hand. Azzam warns him that mentioning the ring will only bring him trouble.
12: Episode 12
May 17, 2019
Sofia learns from her mom that there has been a woman threatening Tamara, and she was supposed to meet her prior to her death. Magdolin tells Younes someone’s watching her and she calls the police. Gihan warns Magdolin’s father of Younes.
13: Episode 13
May 18, 2019
When The General finds out Ra'ed has been watching him, he urges him to mislead Abu Saied and he won't blow his cover. Magdolin is attacked. It turns out that Tamara had been working for Azzam and she asked for this to be kept a secret.
14: Episode 14
May 19, 2019
Magdolin’s friend tells her the car that’s been following her is Younes's. The police investigate Gihan for watching Magdolin. Some people break into Amira’s house. Dina asks Hisham for a divorce, and when Younes knows of their marriage, he decides to take their son away from her.
15: Episode 15
May 20, 2019
Younes tells Tamara’s sisters about her working for Azzam, and that he’s the one behind their house break-in. Sofia confronts Azzam and tells him she has the diamond ring. Younes asks Ra'ed to steal a file from Abu Saied. Dina’s mom, Dalal, asks Younes to return Yazan to Dina.
16: Episode 16
May 21, 2019
Magdolin confronts Younes with his past romances and divorce, and he admits them all, but tells her it was solely her in his life when he proposed to her. Shady kills himself before his play’s premiere, and Magdolin’s father suspects murder.
17: Episode 17
May 22, 2019
Younes takes Magdolin and her father for a police line-up, while his private eye gets him the list of attendants of Shady’s play, with Sayed Helmy among them. The police search Azzam’s company and investigate his relation to Tamara. Younes breaks off his partnership with Abu Saied.
18: Episode 18
May 23, 2019
Magdolin tells her father and Younes that someone is following her. Her father approves of their marriage. Abu Azzam tells Abu Saied that Tamara blackmailed him with documents she copied from his computer in exchange for a diamond ring.
19: Episode 19
May 24, 2019
Younes and Magdolin get engaged. The police state that Gihan died suffocated with gas, but they suspect a serial killer and start an investigation. Abu Azzam claims Gihan was indebted to banks. Abu Saied refuses to divorce Dina.
20: Episode 20
May 25, 2019
When Azzam's secretary is confronted with her threats to Tamara, she admits she has only done so at the request of Madama Azzam who wanted the ring back. Younes meets his old friend, Al-Sayed Helmy, who turns out to be his ghostwriter.
21: Episode 21
May 26, 2019
Azzam’s secretary denies any connection to Tamara’s murder. As Azzam’s wife mentions he has a relationship with Gihan, Younes is interrogated for her death. Magdolin's mother quits to be able to give due care and attention to her troubled daughter.
22: Episode 22
May 27, 2019
Younes urges Al-Sayed Helmy to stay away from Magdolin. Magdoling meets Tamara’s sisters at the book signing of Raed’s debut book. Al-Sayed Helmy asks Magdolin to defend him against Younes. Abu Saied tells Magdolin that Younes almost killed him in a fight, so she quarrels with him.
23: Episode 23
May 28, 2019
Al-Sayed Helmy asks Ra'ed to collaborate with him on writing a book. Dina reads the play she received from Runi to decide whether she will return to acting. Al-Sayed Helmy takes Younes's son from school, and the mother accuses Abu Saied of kidnapping the boy.
24: Episode 24
May 29, 2019
Al-Sayed Helmy takes Yazan back to his mother. Magdolin gets mugged and reports the incident and her stolen purse to the police. Tamara's sister threatens Azzam's secretary and manages to get the flash disk that contains information about Azzam.
25: Episode 25
May 30, 2019
Ra'ed works as a double-agent for Younes and Al-Sayed Helmy. Helmy approaches Dina, Younes's ex-wife. Magdolin urges Younes to sue Al-Sayed Helmy. The police manage to find out the culprits who mugged Magdolin and stole her purse.
26: Episode 26
May 31, 2019
It is revealed that Helmy has been falsely locked up for taking his manager's name. Helmy tries to find out why Fadia gave Tamara's sister the flash disk.
27: Episode 27
Jun 1, 2019
Al-Sayed Helmy dies of a heart attack. Magdolin starts to hallucinate, thinking someone is watching her; her father tells Younes about her illness and asks him to help her. Abu Saied refuses to divorce Dia, so she leaves the country with her mother and son.
28: Episode 28
Jun 2, 2019
Younes dreams of Helmy and sees that he killed him when he tried to reveal the killer's name. Younes also learns that Magdolin has admitted herself to a mental facility when things got worse. Younes tells her he has decided to reveal the killer's name in his novel.
29: Episode 29
Jun 3, 2019
Heading to the mental health facility, Younes tells Magdolin about his dream of Al-Sayed Helmy, and they try to figure out who might have murdered Tamara and the others; she asks him about his relationship with Tamara and tells him how she found out about it.
30: Episode 30
Jun 4, 2019
Magdolin confesses to Younes that she's behind all these murders and that she did this to eliminate anyone who would pose a threat to their relationship. When Younes insists she must get treatment, she threatens to kill him. Magdolin enters a mental hospital. Dina's acting career flourishes.
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