May 18, 2015

Season 1 of Hjørdis was released on May 18 and consists of 4 episodes.

Episode Ratings


1: The Guest
May 18, 2015
As the grand ending to a project week about anti-bullying, Hjørdis is putting on a play, but a surprise guest forces her to compromise her vision.
2: The Group
May 25, 2015
As the theater troupe struggles to get the play into shape, Hjørdis devises a plan that demands that the pupils prepare to put themselves on the line.
3: The Princess
Jun 1, 2015
Hjørdis wants Kristoffer to portray a princess, but Gert and Kristoffer's big brother objects; a three-way drama creates problems within the group.
4: In the Spotlight
Jun 8, 2015
As the theater troupe falls apart, Hjørdis fears their play will fail; when Kristoffer's dad pressures him to leave the group, a daring plan is born.