Season 3
Car Masters: Rust to Riches
8 EPISODES • 2021
As Gotham Garage's star rises, Mark broadens his business strategy beyond "upgrade and trade" as he courts clients with big ideas and deep pockets.

Season 2


1: Taking the High-End Road
Aug 4, 2021
Business is booming for the Gotham crew, thanks to their recent recognition. Next up, they tackle turning a 1933 Ford replica into an art deco Delahaye.
2: The Italian Job
Aug 4, 2021
To finance a costly job redo, the crew works on an El Camino cash car for a very demanding client while overhauling an International Harvester Scout.
3: Ride from the Ashes
Aug 4, 2021
With everyone desperate for cash, Tony sees opportunity in a sentimental build. Shawn has a tough time finding a buyer for Mark's woody iteration.
4: Wheels on the Bus
Aug 4, 2021
After some creative dealmaking, Shawn frets over Mark's hot take on a Bel Air. An academic achievement leads to a school bus upgrade for Caveman.
5: Hot Tub Time Machine
Aug 4, 2021
As Mark presses to finish the hot-tub car and fulfill a commitment to some friends, Shawn persuades him to upgrade a vintage Ford pickup as insurance.
6: Lowrider Long Shot
Aug 4, 2021
Mark harbors a lowrider vision for a vintage Impala, aimed at financing his high-concept car. As expected, the plans quickly get very elaborate.
7: Proof of Concept
Aug 4, 2021
Mark's Hayabusa hopes are tied to his take on a Prius. Shawn tries to generate buzz ahead of an auction, but a real-world roadblock gets in his way.
8: Going, Going... Gone?
Aug 4, 2021
The crew gets creative when social distancing hurts their hopes for a big payday. But Mark's high price demands may end up costing them even more.
Season 4
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