The Rain
Season 2

Season 3

Aug 6, 2020

Years after the rain decimated the population of Scandinavia, Simone and Rasmus find themselves at odds about how to save humanity.

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1: Don't Give Up
Aug 6, 2020
Haunted by nightmares and afraid of his newfound powers, Rasmus voluntarily confines himself at Apollon. Meanwhile, Simone ventures beyond the wall.
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2: Never Let Go
Aug 6, 2020
Simone meets a brother and sister living off the grid. Back at Apollon, Patrick and Fie weigh their options, and Rasmus makes a horrifying discovery.
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3: Stay Strong
Aug 6, 2020
Simone refuses to leave unless Daniel gives her the flower extract. Sten wants to test Fie's theory and threatens Rasmus to ensure his cooperation.
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4: Be the Change You Want in the World
Aug 6, 2020
Simone's group approaches a camp of young survivors. Rasmus's thirst for power spirals out of control, and Martin leaves Apollon to search for Simone.
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5: Love Yourself
Aug 6, 2020
As Rasmus grows weaker, a worried Sarah asks Fie for help. Reunited, Martin and Simone begin the long trek back to Apollon.
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6: And This Too Shall Pass
Aug 6, 2020
A surprising revelation sparks new hope — but Simone and the others must ready themselves for a dangerous confrontation as Rasmus closes in.
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