Salt Fat Acid Heat

Season 1

Oct 11, 2018

Season 1 of Salt Fat Acid Heat was released on October 11 and consists of 4 episodes.


1: Fat
Oct 11, 2018
In Northern Italy, Samin savors the magical properties of olive oil, pork fat and cheese as she visits farms and helps prepare local specialties.
2: Salt
Oct 11, 2018
From sea salt to soy sauce to miso: A trip to Japan reveals the many forms salt can take -- and the profound effects it can have on food.
3: Acid
Oct 11, 2018
To illustrate the transformative power of acids, Samin visits Yucat√°n, where sour oranges, salsas and Mayan honey add new dimensions to every dish.
4: Heat
Oct 11, 2018
Back home in California, Samin uses heat to unlock rich colors and flavors as she roasts meat and veggies, then makes crispy rice with her mom.