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Season 6

Nov 17, 2017

In the show’s final season, Walt faces legal troubles that jeopardize his career and home as he, Vic and Henry fight to keep the peace.

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1: The Eagle and the Osprey
Nov 17, 2017
A bank robbery ends in a shooting, giving Sawyer more leverage against Walt. When Henry goes missing, Cady tells Walt about a disturbing vision.
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2: Fever
Nov 17, 2017
While Henry recuperates, Walt investigates the murder of a man whose land is popular with treasure hunters.
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3: Thank You, Victoria
Nov 17, 2017
Chance Gilbert's plea appearance takes a dramatic turn that pulls Walt away from his own case and sets him and Vic on the path to a showdown.
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4: A Thing I'll Never Understand
Nov 17, 2017
An emotional Vic re-examines her life choices. Henry and Jacob join forces to pursue Malachi. Ferg helps Meg's mother avoid the tribal police.
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5: Burned Up My Tears
Nov 17, 2017
As the civil trial begins, things don't look good for Walt -- especially after a murder puts him and Vic under suspicion.
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6: No Greater Character Endorsement
Nov 17, 2017
The bizarre death of a drug dealer points to a violent new Hector. Cady tries to help a sick child whose parents don’t trust Western medicine.
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7: Opiates and Antibiotics
Nov 17, 2017
Walt wonders if a presumed-dead member of the Irish mob is alive. Mathias questions Cady about Catori. A mobile clinic raises Henry's suspicions.
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8: Cowboy Bill
Nov 17, 2017
While Ferg secretly works the Cowboy Bill case, Walt and Vic try to find Shane Muldoon. Cady's office is trashed.
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9: Running Eagle Challenge
Nov 17, 2017
Vic gets a surprise visit from her father. An FBI agent helps Walt pin down the mole working with Malachi. A tough race enables Vic to move forward.
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10: Goodbye Is Always Implied
Nov 17, 2017
Jacob's troubles escalate at the casino. Walt gets an unexpected visitor. An inevitable confrontation leads to changed lives.
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