Ask the Storybots
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Season 3

Aug 2, 2019

Season 3 of Ask the Storybots was released on August 2 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: How Do You Make Music?
Aug 2, 2019
After tumbling into a tuba, the StoryBots enter a magical, musical wonderland. John Legend guest-stars as the King of Music.
2: Where Do Planets Come From?
Aug 2, 2019
The 'Bots blast off into outer space to learn how planets are made -- and what they're made of. Zoe Saldana guest-stars as an astronomy professor.
3: Why Do People Look Different?
Aug 2, 2019
No two people are exactly alike, thanks to a little thing called DNA. Reggie Watts guest-stars as a nurse who explains it all.
4: Why Do We Have to Recycle?
Aug 2, 2019
A trip to a landfill teeming with trash teaches the StoryBots the importance of recycling. Tony Hale guest-stars as the owner of a sorting facility.
5: How Do Cell Phones Work?
Aug 2, 2019
To see how cell phones work, the StoryBots hop inside one. Jennifer Garner guest-stars as a cell tower switching-station operator.
6: What Happens When You Flush the Toilet?
Aug 2, 2019
We use the toilet every day, but how does it work -- and where does our waste go? Jason Sudeikis guest-stars as a plumber in the know.
7: Where Does Chocolate Come From?
Aug 2, 2019
The StoryBots jump into a vending machine to find out where candy bars come from. Alyssa Milano guest-stars as a chocolatier.
8: How Do Eyes See?
Aug 2, 2019
The StoryBots brave a castle on a dark and stormy night to understand how eyesight works. Maria Bamford guest-stars as an eccentric scientist.