Season 3
I Am a Killer
6 EPISODES • 2022
While serving hard time for murder, inmates recount their crimes and reflect on how their actions destroyed lives — including their own.

Season 2


1: A Question of Loyalty
Aug 30, 2022
Subjected to abuse throughout her life, Victoria Smith confessed to killing her husband. But someone close to the case has doubts about her admission.
2: Someone Else
Aug 30, 2022
On death row for murder, Deryl Madison reflects on his struggles with mental illness and finds support from an anti-capital punishment advocate.
3: History Repeating
Aug 30, 2022
Daniel Paulsrud says his fatal shooting of partner Leslie was an accident. But accounts from her family — and his handwritten notes — raise doubts.
4: Blackout
Aug 30, 2022
James Walker claims he has no recollection of the 2001 murder he confessed to committing. An investigation into his traumatic past offers more context.
5: Rolling the Dice
Aug 30, 2022
Accept a plea deal or go to trial? Three men receive radically different prison sentences for their roles in the fatal shooting of a cab driver.
6: A Bad Day
Aug 30, 2022
David Cameron Keith recalls the day he took a young hostage before heading to an airport and killing the pilot who volunteered to take the child's place.
Season 4
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