Family Business
Season 2

Season 1

Jun 28, 2019

Season 1 of Family Business was released on June 28 and consists of 6 episodes.

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1: Business Plan
Jun 28, 2019
Joseph Hazan dreams of launching his own app, not taking over his dad's butcher shop. But a tip from an acquaintance gives him a flash of inspiration.
2: Deal
Jun 28, 2019
When his plans for the shop hit a snag, Joseph scrambles to get things back on track -- with help from his father's idol, Enrico Macias.
3: Hog Wild
Jun 28, 2019
On a wild trip to Amsterdam, Joseph samples the local specialties and begins to see his father in a new light. Meanwhile, Aure packs for Tokyo.
4: Running to Seed
Jun 28, 2019
As the Hazans divvy up responsibilities for the new business, Joseph scrambles to make good on both of his promises to Clémentine.
5: Pastraweed
Jun 28, 2019
Enrico finds a creative solution to Gérard's renovation woes. Out at the country house, a request from the new neighbors sends the family into a panic.
6: End of the Line
Jun 28, 2019
A shocking turn of events leaves the family facing financial ruin and forces them into a showdown with a maniacal criminal.