Season 1
Man to Man
16 EPISODES • 2017
In need of a bodyguard, a longtime celeb hires a secret agent. Together, they solve crimes, fight the bad guys and get tangled up in a love triangle.


1: Ghost Agent K
Apr 21, 2017
We meet Kim Seol-woo during a hostage situation, where he takes out the hostage takers against orders. He's recruited by the NIS to become a ghost agent: deeply planted into organizations, fake identities and operating discreetly.
2: Working for Un Gwang
Apr 22, 2017
Neither Woon-Gwang nor his chief celeb manager Cha Do-Ha likes his new bodyguard. If the can't make him leave, they'll just make him want to leave.
3: Visiting Chairman Victor
Apr 28, 2017
After leavening that Woon-Gwang has been involved in a similar accident before, Seol-Woo relays his suspicions to Lee Dong-Hyun, his comrade and mentor.
4: Did You Think I Liked You?
Apr 29, 2017
From Chairman Victor's private collection of precious cultural artefacts, a wood carving catches Seol-Woo's eye. Then the power suddenly goes out.
5: Go with Your Feelings
May 5, 2017
For his next task, Seol-woo must get close to Do-ha, but it isn't so easy when she has forbidden him to approach her within a 1-meter radius
6: Goldfinger Is Back
May 6, 2017
Seol-woo gets drunk and sends cute text messages, all in the name of his mission. Meanwhile, Congressman Baek tries to make a deal with Jang Tae-ho.
7: From This Moment, I Resign
May 12, 2017
To stop Seol-woo from blowing his cover, Dong-hyun tells him to stay out of the investigation. However, Seol-woo continues his search for the culprit.
8: Being a Bodyguard Was a Disguise
May 13, 2017
Do-ha asks to hear the truth directly from Seol-woo. Meanwhile, Dong-hyun and Seol-woo begin preparation for their next mission, the Black Auction.
9: The Black Auction Mission
May 19, 2017
For the country and Do-ha's father, Un-kwang decides to help Seol-woo. Do-ha, not able to trust Seol-woo, requires him to sign a contract.
10: An Agent's Tactic
May 20, 2017
Jang Tae-ho lays down his conditions to Mo Seung-jae. For their new mission to commence, Seol-woo and Do-ha must first get the approval of Un-kwang.
11: Finding the Mole
May 26, 2017
Seol-woo doesn't pick up Do-ha's phone calls, so she decides to check his workroom. Dong-hyun visits Jang Tae-ho and asks if he knows where K is.
12: The Path
May 27, 2017
All sides involved, including Lee Dong-hyun, Mo Seung-jae and the National Intelligence Service, are continuing the search for the missing videotapes.
13: A Message From "Y"
Jun 2, 2017
Jang Tae-ho and Lee Dong-hyun discuss Song Mi-eun and her past: She decided to marry Mo Seung-jae, not for his wealth but for her own survival.
14: Lovers Tactic
Jun 3, 2017
The police find the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run accident. Determined to kill off the bad guys, Seol-woo gets his gun from his workroom.
15: Only the Truth Can Save You
Jun 9, 2017
For Seol-woo, it's finally time for revenge. For all involved, it's finally time for closure and for punishments to be given where they are due.
16: Life Must Go On
Jun 10, 2017
For Seol-woo, it's finally time for revenge. For all involved, it's finally time for closure and for punishments to be given where they are due.
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