The Break with Michelle Wolf

Season 1

May 27, 2018

Season 1 of The Break with Michelle Wolf was released on May 27 and consists of 10 episodes.

Episode Ratings


1: Strong Female Lead
May 27, 2018
In her premiere, Michelle tackles the week's news, debuts a steely movie heroine and joins guest Amber Ruffin to lampoon the pressure to have kids.
2: Be Honest
Jun 3, 2018
Michelle goofs on the latest happenings on the internet, comes up with new hashtags for the #MeToo movement and welcomes Neal Brennan to "be honest."
3: Bad Opinions
Jun 10, 2018
Michelle riffs on the headlines, delivers overdue apologies with a sultry twist and visits the eclectic fellow behind The New York Times opinion page.
4: Hate It or Love It
Jun 17, 2018
Michelle touches on the latest with North Korea, unveils a new snack just for men and sorts out strong feelings with special guest Hannibal Buress.
5: Entertainment Explosion!
Jun 24, 2018
Michelle makes the best of a rough week in the news, roasts a bunch of shady politicians and rips on sensationalism in TV journalism.
6: Perfect Sports
Jul 1, 2018
In the wake of being called "unhinged," Michelle takes aim at confident white guys, responds to calls for civility and talks sports with Nick Kroll.
7: How Dare You!?
Jul 8, 2018
As Michelle commemorates the Fourth of July, she salutes women's rights, gives tips on being a hero and welcomes Seth Meyers to play "How Dare You?"
8: Sincere and Angry
Jul 15, 2018
Michelle pokes fun at overblown comedy-show desk-segment commentary, shares a tricky new bathroom contraption and gets creeped out at movie night.
9: I Pledge Allegiance
Jul 22, 2018
After praising Serena Williams, Michelle pledges allegiance to a new country, promotes a new safety product and looks into why people are joining ICE.
10: Wet Boys
Jul 29, 2018
Michelle talks Billy Joel and crows in a double dose of monologues, promotes a sustainable car fuel and previews the next hit true crime documentary.