Season 1
White Rabbit Project
10 EPISODES • 2016
Season 1 of White Rabbit Project was released on December 9 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Super Power Tech
Dec 9, 2016
Superpowers cross over from fiction to reality as Kari creates a cyborg cockroach, Grant crafts a cryo-gun, and Tory harnesses the power of lightning.
2: Jailbreak
Dec 9, 2016
Tory reconstructs an incredible hot air balloon exodus from East Germany when the team explores the science behind history’s most high-flying escapes.
3: Crazy WW2 Weapons
Dec 9, 2016
The team ranks the wackiest weapons the Allies dreamed up during the war, from dosing Hitler with estrogen to dropping bat-filled bombs on Japan.
4: Scam Artists
Dec 9, 2016
Kari, Tory and Grant compare notes on six big-time scammers, including a swindling Swiss gigolo and the man who put Ponzi schemes on the map.
5: Heist!
Dec 9, 2016
International hackers, an aviation-savvy hijacker and a gang of bank-robbing granddads mount some of the world's most daring and ingenious heists.
6: May G Force Be with You
Dec 9, 2016
Bobsledders, race car drivers and roller coaster riders battle gravity head-on. The team learns which adrenaline junkies get the biggest G-force rush.
7: Tech We Love to Hate
Dec 9, 2016
Kari, Tory and Grant brave the world of irritating gadgets, from poorly timed traffic lights to things that go beep in the night.
8: Where's My Hoverboard?
Dec 9, 2016
For years, sci-fi has promised us jet packs, holograms, X-ray glasses and other amazing inventions. Which one is closest to becoming a reality?
9: Invented Before Its Time?
Dec 9, 2016
Music streaming services, animated GIFs and GPS navigation are staples of the digital age, but the team discovers they're not as new as they seem.
10: Speed Freaks
Dec 9, 2016
How do the fastest athletes alive stack up against high-tech cars and jets? The team breaks down the science of speed to determine who reigns supreme.
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