Part 5
Terrace House: Opening New Doors
8 EPISODES • 2018
Takayuki and Aya keep going on dates, but Takayuki's heart may be set on someone else. New member Shunsuke begins a journey of self-discovery.

Season 4


1: It's Someone Else
Sep 25, 2018
As Noah and Seina spend a day together, Shunsuke talks about bisexuality with the other members. Takayuki tells Aya a secret.
2: Bye Bye, Miss Terrace House
Oct 2, 2018
On the morning of Seina and Noah's departure, Takayuki shares a decision with the other members, then travels to Tokyo. Some familiar faces return.
3: Young Faces
Oct 9, 2018
Three new members join the House: skateboarder Kaito, student Maya, and company employee Sota. The next day, Yui and Kaito go grocery shopping.
4: Take Shelter from the Rain
Oct 16, 2018
Maya and Kaito go out to a soba shop to try the Karuizawa specialty. Yui and Kaito make plans to go to a skate park so she can learn to skateboard.
5: First and Last Date
Oct 30, 2018
Aya has a heart-to-heart about her future with Yui. After Sota and Shunsuke spend a day hanging out together, Shunsuke comes to a decision.
6: The Goal-Getter and the Goalless
Nov 6, 2018
After a farewell breakfast, the members welcome two newcomers: model Risako and ex-soccer player Aio. Then they plan a birthday party for Kaito.
7: Like a Long Spell of Autumn Rain
Nov 13, 2018
Yui gets job-hunting tips from Sota before he and Risako go out to lunch. At the beach to see Kaito skateboard, the members meet a Hawaii alumnus.
8: A Man Who Can't be Described in Japanese
Nov 20, 2018
Kaito and Yui head to Matsumoto to see Shohei in concert. Aio asks Risako out on another date, as does Sota, while Kaito and Maya go to an art exhibit.
Season 6
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