Season 1
8 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Osmosis was released on March 29 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: The Test
Mar 29, 2019
Just as siblings Esther and Paul Vanhove recruit a group of young people to test their revolutionary soul mate implant, investors drop a bombshell.
2: Soulmate
Mar 29, 2019
While the testers venture out into the world to meet their soul mates, Paul agonizes over Joséphine, and Esther takes a drastic step to help her mom.
3: Troubles
Mar 29, 2019
After stumbling on a clue to Joséphine’s fate, Esther worries there’s a mole at the company. Billie asks Niels to take a break from seeing Claire.
4: Crisis
Mar 29, 2019
Esther tries to help Paul connect with Joséphine in virtual space. Niels learns his status in the test is in jeopardy. Ana rethinks her mission.
5: Betrayal
Mar 29, 2019
Paul learns the truth about Joséphine’s disappearance, Niels seeks help at a residential clinic, and the testers’ hallucinations take a dark turn.
6: Separation
Mar 29, 2019
To activate her mother’s memory, Esther returns to their old home and uncovers a shocking family secret. Niels receives an unexpected visitor.
7: Redemption
Mar 29, 2019
As both Esther and Lucas struggle to come to terms with their new realities, Billie helps Ana through a crisis, and Martin begins to act erratically.
8: Rebirth
Mar 29, 2019
With the testers’ lives hanging in the balance, Esther goes to extremes to revive Martin. Meanwhile, Paul and the company prepare for launch day.
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