Season 1
8 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever. was released on October 19 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Issue 1
Oct 19, 2018
When Comic-Con comes to town, three friends plan a surprise for the creator of their favorite comic. But the weekend gets off to a rocky start.
2: Issue 2
Oct 19, 2018
After their epic party ... er, "literary event" ... Zed, Treece and Hallie race to find a missing Argo before his dad realizes something's wrong.
3: Issue 3
Oct 19, 2018
The hunt for Tom Dunkins leads the Crash Crew to a pet store and a spooky "Blade of Dragons" maze. Patches breaks into Argo's house.
4: Issue 4
Oct 19, 2018
Patches grills Zed about his missing mushroom. A new scheme to sneak into Comic-Con forces Argo to confront his fear of performing in public.
5: Issue 5
Oct 19, 2018
As a special agent interrogates Zed about the hacker Digilord, Patches lures Treece to the hotel roof. Argo and Zed get stuck in a stinky predicament.
6: Issue 6
Oct 19, 2018
When the dumpster walls start closing in, Argo makes a confession to Zed. Later, the friends try to strike a deal with the mushroom's new owner.
7: Issue 7
Oct 19, 2018
While Argo deals with the fallout from the crash, Treece and Zed accidentally stumble into a LARPing event, and Hallie reveals a hidden talent.
8: Issue 8
Oct 19, 2018
With minutes to go before the colonel's return, a news alert gives the gang fresh inspiration -- and one last chance to make their dream come true.
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