Season 1
My Only Love Song
20 EPISODES • 2017
Season 1 of My Only Love Song was released on July 1 and consists of 20 episodes.


1: I Am Princess Pyeong-gang
Jul 1, 2017
The story of Princess Pyeong-gang is the basis for a historical drama that stars Song Su-jeong, a top celeb with a huge ego and a foul mouth.
2: I Know Who You Are
Jul 1, 2017
Talking with the man she meets in the jail cell, Su-jeong realizes something is amiss and checks her script about the tale of Princess Pyeong-gang.
3: That's Me, On Dal
Jul 1, 2017
On Dal lives for money. But no matter how hard he tries, he's always broke. Every night, he wishes upon a star for one big chance to make him rich.
4: You Have Reached Your Destination
Jul 1, 2017
Handling Su-jeong's temper is her manager, Byun Sam-yong. His efforts made her into a star, and because of him, she becomes Princess Pyeong-gang.
5: This Is Your Destiny
Jul 1, 2017
Princess Pyeong-gang is King Pyeong-won's only child. She loves to read, and in one book, she learns that a strange bird will come to take her away.
6: I Got You
Jul 1, 2017
Raised on her grandma's tough love, Su-jeong is a strong woman. Even for her, though, this world is a scary place. To "help" her through is On Dal.
7: Take My Hand
Jul 1, 2017
Mu-myeong, a person of lowly birth, does not speak. The only one who understood him was Princess Pyeong-gang. For her, he will even give up his life.
8: Now Traveling to Your Destination
Jul 1, 2017
Eldest son of the powerful Ko family, Il-yong is tyrannical and bigheaded. No woman meets his standards, but lately, he keeps hallucinating about one.
9: Recalculating
Jul 1, 2017
Six years after he first joined the historical drama team as a costume car, Boong-boong is on the verge of being scrapped. But now, he has a family.
10: Resetting Your Destination
Jul 1, 2017
From the tribal chief of mountain bandits, Princess Pyeong-gang learns of their tragic history. She also sells off her wedding gown to the chief.
11: Truth or DareTruth or Dare
Jul 1, 2017
Il-yong heads to On Dal's house. While the two are alone, Sam-yong tells Su-jeong that he thinks he has finally found the key to bring them home.
12: Don't Disappear
Jul 1, 2017
Sam-yong gets angry at Su-jeong. Finding Pyeong-gang alone by the river, On Dal approaches her and explains why he had asked her to stay by his side.
13: Completely Bewitched
Jul 1, 2017
While alone, King Pyeong-won takes out a sword with the mark of a crescent moon, which he received as a gift from On Dal's father 25 years ago.
14: Where Is … ?
Jul 1, 2017
Il-yong orders search parties to find the "crazy woman." While running away, Su-jeong suddenly remembers On Dal telling her not to go anywhere.
15: On Dal, the General
Jul 1, 2017
Swordsmen surround Su-jeong and Sam-yong. Pyeong-gang tells Mu-myeong to run away. On Dal asks his mother to go with him to his father's homeland.
16: Die by My Hand
Jul 1, 2017
While Pyeong-gang is asleep, Mu-myeong comes to her as if in a dream. On Dal tells Il-yong that the king has ordered him to enter the palace tomorrow.
17: Disappearing
Jul 1, 2017
In return for helping On Dal carry out a plan, the king wants him to wed the princess. A prized history book that was inside Boong-boong goes missing.
18: I Will Obey Your Order
Jul 1, 2017
The king tells Il-yong that the wedding is off, but he will find a suitable wife for Il-yong. However, Il-yong says that he will choose his own wife.
19: Arrived at Your Final Destination
Jul 1, 2017
Commanding On Dal to fight in the war, the king hands him a sword, which On Dal immediately recognizes. Sam-yong finds the GPS set to take him back.
20: My Only Love Song
Jul 1, 2017
Su-jeong and Sam-yong plead with Boong-boong to turn on again. They find the history book and anxiously open it up. On Dal embarks on a long journey.
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