Season 3
12 EPISODES • 2023
As public sentiment turns against Ultraman, Shinjiro learns that his inherited powers may come with a heavy price, in this exciting series conclusion.

Season 2


1: The Sign of a New Awakening
May 11, 2023
Shinjiro agrees to help test out and develop a new suit better adapted to his changing powers — and he finds himself using it much sooner than planned.
2: The Curse of Ultraman
May 11, 2023
He can't remember what he did, but Shinjiro's forbidden from wearing his suit for a while. His father can't help but feel that there's an Ultraman curse.
3: The Choice of a Hero
May 11, 2023
Determined to do something, Shinjiro heads out to get his revenge. But then once again, he wakes up with no memory of what happened.
4: No One to Trust
May 11, 2023
Public sentiment has turned completely against Ultraman. Then suddenly, Mephisto hijacks the airwaves to deliver a message directly to the people.
5: Hide and Seek
May 11, 2023
Ide sends Taro and Moroboshi out to search for Shinjiro, who remains on the run, confused by everything that's been happening to him.
6: A Warrior's Return
May 11, 2023
Back in his hideout, Daisuke Arashi tells Shinjiro about his father's past, and they try to narrow down who Mephisto's next target might be.
7: The Fourth Successor
May 11, 2023
After getting devastating news, Rena meets with Seiji Hokuto. Shinjiro talks to Daisuke about the strange dreams he's been having about Zetton.
May 11, 2023
Rena can't understand what just happened to her, so Seiji brings her to meet the alien who raised him. Taro finally finds Shinjiro.
9: Time of Awakening
May 11, 2023
Jack shows up, surprising Taro and Shinjiro. Rena seeks some answers about where her powers come from. The SSSP gets raided by the police.
10: The Disaster
May 11, 2023
The fight against Mephisto only strengthens the anti-Ultraman sentiment. Moroboshi and Shinjiro try to break into the heavily guarded SSSP headquarters.
11: A Nightmare Come True
May 11, 2023
Shinjiro and Rena reveal some secrets to each other. Joined by his friends, Ultraman faces a powerful enemy from the past.
12: Finale
May 11, 2023
As Shinjiro struggles in his own fight, his friends put everything they can into defeating Zetton. A new chapter begins for the SSSP.
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