Season 2

Season 1

Jun 14, 2019

Season 1 of Yankee was released on June 14 and consists of 25 episodes.

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1: The Flight of Aeschylus
Jun 14, 2019
Real estate agent and drug smuggler Malcolm gets into trouble after an altercation at his house and must flee Arizona, crossing into Mexico.
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2: Aberrations
Jun 14, 2019
Malcolm shows Cara Sucia a new way to smuggle drugs across the border. Sheriff Valenzuela and Agent Wolf each independently look into Malcolm.
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3: Belize
Jun 14, 2019
Yvonne helps Malcolm, now Yankee, meet with his brother, who has a plan for his escape. Cara Sucia punishes his men. Wolf finds a source in Mexico.
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4: The Golden Hour
Jun 14, 2019
Wolf's life is put in danger. Cara Sucia offers to introduce Yankee to Choche, so long as he follows his violent orders. Del Toro strikes a deal.
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5: The Eagles
Jun 14, 2019
Choche gives Yankee more responsibility, much to Cara Sucia's and Piporro's chagrin. Wolf is assigned a crucial mission. Phoebe suffers financial woes.
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6: 110.6666700
Jun 14, 2019
Yankee meets influential cartel boss El Botas. Cara Sucia starts extorting store owners and Parra takes note. Piporro's violence brings consequences.
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7: Penélope in Puerto Peñasco
Jun 14, 2019
Cara Sucia mourns his loss and swears vengeance. Phoebe and Yankee reunite in Mexico and discuss their future. Fidelia brings Wolf along on a job.
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8: Midday Cowboy
Jun 14, 2019
Phoebe makes a startling decision. Despite Choche's orders, Yankee seeks revenge on Cara Sucia. La Contra takes control of Clandestina nightclub.
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9: Operation Serpent
Jun 14, 2019
A coordinated attack on Choche and his men takes them by surprise, and Del Toro uses it to his advantage. Yankee worries about his family.
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10: Frauds
Jun 14, 2019
Wolf offers help to a desperate Yankee. La Contra's violence escalates and Cara Sucia goes after Las Aguilas. Phoebe hires a new employee, Brian.
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11: Mr. Lucky
Jun 14, 2019
Parra asks El Botas to turn Yankee in. Revueltas's daughter is kidnapped. Cara Sucia's ambition grows and Del Toro is put in danger.
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12: Rookies
Jun 14, 2019
Back in Arizona, Yankee plots revenge with Wolf's help. Phoebe gets more involved in the drug business. Las Aguilas use technology to their advantage.
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13: Reunion and Betrayal
Jun 14, 2019
Las Aguilas' espionage techniques help uncover Parra's location. Wolf gives ICE crucial information. Yankee suffers a shocking betrayal.
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14: Overboard
Jun 14, 2019
Cara Sucia's act of narcoterrorism shocks Yankee and Revueltas. ICE interrogates Parra. Billy asks Valenzuela for his job back and seeks revenge.
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15: Collateral Damage
Jun 14, 2019
Yankee is shaken by the execution of one of his employees. Del Toro investigates both the attempt made on his life and the casino fire.
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16: An Honest Officer
Jun 14, 2019
Wolf meets with one of the fire's survivors. Confined to the hospital, Yankee thinks about revenge and misses his family. Valenzuela meets with Phoebe.
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17: Beginner Horses
Jun 14, 2019
Cara Sucia celebrates his terrorism. Yankee proposes a radical idea to Revueltas and Botas that involves an unexpected collaboration.
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18: Every Day There's War
Jun 14, 2019
Citizens protest against La Contra and violence ensues. Cara Sucia targets Del Toro's family. Yankee starts working with the authorities.
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19: Eagles and Serpents
Jun 14, 2019
La Contra's enemies -- including Mexican and American authorities plus Yankee -- go after the cartel in a large-scale operation.
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20: Local Heroes
Jun 14, 2019
Yankee makes Ignacio a difficult offer while also attempting to help Amelia. Cara Sucia targets his rival's drones with a winged friend.
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21: The Ocean Is a Desert
Jun 14, 2019
Phoebe realizes she sold guns to La Contra and Yankee decides to use it to their advantage. Del Toro sets his sights on Cara Sucia.
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22: Pax Romana
Jun 14, 2019
With the marines under suspicion, Del Toro investigates Diana de la Hoya's murder. Yvonne and Yankee make a peace deal. Wolf's trauma haunts her.
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23: Resurrection
Jun 14, 2019
Yankee has serious concerns about his family's safety in light of his discovery. Wolf is suspicious about La Contra's actions.
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24: Kibbitz
Jun 14, 2019
In a large meeting with Mexico's narcos, Yankee suggests adding fentanyl to the drug trade and offers up a deal with Wolf.
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25: Happiness Is a Rebellion
Jun 14, 2019
Yankee and Phoebe decide how to handle their future, which hinges on his relationship with Amelia. Yvonne makes a power play. Billy chooses violence.
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