Family Reunion
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Season 2

Apr 5, 2021

Season 2 of Family Reunion was released on April 5 and consists of 9 episodes.


1: Remember Mazzi's First Love?
Apr 5, 2021
Mazzi and Uncle Daniel set their sights on the same woman. M'Dear becomes obsessed with bingo. An injured Moz considers a return to football.
2: Remember When Jade Broke a Nail?
Apr 5, 2021
A heartbroken Jade joins Shaka's dojo while Mazzi learns to strike back at a bully. Moz looks to repair Cocoa's car on his own, but M'Dear interferes.
3: Remember When Cocoa Was a Housewife?
Apr 5, 2021
Before Moz and Cocoa say "I do" again, Shaka is tasked with keeping the ring, Cocoa confronts her mother and Daniel makes a sacrifice.
4: Remember When M'Dear Changed History?
Apr 5, 2021
When a historic hotel is on the verge of being demolished, M"Dear chains herself in protest and recalls meeting various icons.
5: Remember the False Idol?
Apr 5, 2021
Shaka deals with rejection. A risqué sculpture of Moz and Cocoa drives M'Dear mad. Jade learns her history after receiving her DNA test results.
6: Remember When Shaka Did the Robot?
Apr 5, 2021
Jade gives M'Dear a stylish makeover. Moz and Cocoa stress about funds when Shaka gets into a gifted science program.
7: Remember When the Glass Passed?
Apr 5, 2021
With Principal Glass' untimely passing, the McKellans teach the kids about the circle of life. Mark Curry guest stars in his final episode.
8: Remember When Cocoa Found Her Calling?
Apr 5, 2021
M'Dear takes over Cocoa's Zumba ministry to win a bet. A classmate makes racially insensitive comments when Jade wins a fashion contest.
9: Episode 9
Jan 10, 2020