Season 1
The Magic School Bus Rides Again
13 EPISODES • 2017
Season 1 of The Magic School Bus Rides Again was released on September 29 and consists of 13 episodes.


1: Frizzle of the Future
Sep 29, 2017
Change is good for everyone except Arnold, who's worried that a new teacher - Ms. Frizzle's young sister - will alter the class's "ecosystem".
2: Pigs in the Wind
Sep 29, 2017
A field trip to the world's windiest mountain helps Keesha and the class strengthen a set piece for a sequel to "The Three Little Pigs".
3: In the Swim
Sep 29, 2017
Ms. Frizzle takes the class to Hawaii where an overprotecting Wanda gets schooled when she's forced to think like a tiny little fish.
4: The Battle of Rock Mountain
Sep 29, 2017
Tim pens an original comic book for the school's upcoming time capsule ceremony that pits Weatherman against Captain Rock Man. But who will win?
5: The Magnetic Mambo
Sep 29, 2017
While visiting a mountain made of magnetite, Ralphie and the class shrink to subatomic size to get some hot tips for their disorganized dance troupe.
6: Carlos Gets the Sneezes
Sep 29, 2017
Carlos plans to convince the principal to let the students keep a pet rat in the classroom. But first, he'll have to stop sneezing.
7: Hides and Seeks
Sep 29, 2017
Determined to outwit an old rival, DA applies the art of animal camouflage to a schoolwide game of extreme hide-and-seek.
8: Three in One
Sep 29, 2017
A lesson on water and its three basic forms -- solid, liquid and gas -- inspires Jyoti's submission for a "3-in-1 Gizmo That Goes" contest.
9: Space Mission: Selfie
Sep 29, 2017
An out-of-this world class trip takes the students up into space, where a selfie-obsessed Keesha accidentally sparks disaster.
10: The Tales Glaciers Tell
Sep 29, 2017
An icy glacier's eye-opening birth story helps a data-driven DA -- who's not one for public speaking -- deliver a talk to a sold-out crowd.
11: Ralphie Strikes a Nerve
Sep 29, 2017
The class constructs a giant robot with help from brainy scientist Dr. Sarah Bellum, then takes a look inside Ralphie's nervous system.
12: Monster Power
Sep 29, 2017
A skittish Arnold looks to alternative energy sources to help keep his fears at bay while camping outdoors with Ms. Frizzle and the class.
13: DA and the Deep Blue Sea
Sep 29, 2017
Ms. Frizzle turns the Magic School Bus into a submarine to take the class into the ocean's darkest depths and retrieve Jyoti's high-tech locket.
Season 2
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