Season 2
VeggieTales in the House
22 EPISODES • 2015
The gang's adventures this season include adopting a pet guppy, inventing a secret flavor of ice cream, dealing with an out-of-control plant and more.

Season 1


1: The Great Ice Cream Chase
Sep 25, 2015
When Bob is sick and will only feel better if he gets his favorite, rare ice cream flavor, Larry needs help to avoid distractions and get it home before it melts.
2: The Guppy Whisperer
Sep 25, 2015
Jimmy and Jerry adopt a guppy named Happy Sunshine Bubbles, but have a hard time caring for her properly.
3: The Silly Ray
Sep 25, 2015
When Bob will be fired from his job as the mayor's speech writer if he can't write a silly speech, Larry zaps him with his 'silly ray'. Unfortunately, Silly Bob's carelessness and zany behavior get on everyone's nerves.
4: The Camp Out
Sep 25, 2015
Bob wants to camp by himself so that he won't have to share his s'mores, but this backfires when Motato and his radishes steal them.
5: Monster Truck Flower Delivery
Sep 25, 2015
During the opening of their flower shop, Petunia and Tina Celerina discover that they have received a monster truck instead of the delivery truck they ordered, and learn about not giving up, even when things don't work out they way they want.
6: Vote for Archibald
Sep 25, 2015
When Tom Celeriac runs for mayor, Mayor Archibald attempts to make himself as famous and cool as his opponent, only to discover that it is better to be himself.
7: Ready for Action
Sep 25, 2015
Larry, Bob, and Mr. Lunt train as police officers with Officer Wedge for the position as his partner and learn about how important it is to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
8: Sickabeezer
Sep 25, 2015
Bob promises to take care of Ichabeezer, who is sick with the 'sniccups', but lets his desire to go fishing get in the way of putting others first.
9: Plant-demonium
Sep 25, 2015
When Petunia becomes obsessed with creating a plant that will impress the writers of the 'Plant Snob Monthly' magazine, her pride creates a giant plant monster.
10: DUO Day
Sep 25, 2015
Larry Boy and Junior Jetpack decide to officially become a superhero duo, but immediately begin fighting, which interferes with their ability to battle Motato and his new army of kitchen appliances.
11: Mayoral Bike Lessons
Sep 25, 2015
When Beau Rockly appears in town to find out Mayor Archibald's secret to use on his gossip show, The Mayor tells seeks Larry's because he doesn't know how to ride a bike and Larry struggles to keep his friend's secret.
12: It
Sep 25, 2015
Larry's obsession with winning every game of tag takes the fun out of the game for the whole town.
13: Callie Flower
Sep 25, 2015
Laura is embarrassed when she is partnered with the weird new girl, Callie Flower, in science class, but learns not to judge others based on gossip and rumors.
14: World of Whiners
Sep 25, 2015
When Laura Carrot and her friends take Icabeezer's advice to whine to get everything they want, everyone in town is infected with a case of 'the whines' and begins constantly complaining.
15: Two Birthdays
Sep 25, 2015
Despite Bob and Pa's advice, Tina Celerina tries to plan Junior's birthday party and Mayor Archibald's formal dinner party at the same time, and nearly causes a disaster.
16: Playground Tales
Sep 25, 2015
After hearing his classmates' tales of Gary Garlic, the new kid, being a super-powered bully, Junior is afraid of him, but is reminded by his parents to not judge others by their appearance.
17: Spacetato
Sep 25, 2015
When Captain Mike opens a children's space camp, Junior is bored by his father's practical lessons, but learns the importance of listening to your 'teachers' in life when a disguised Motato attacks.
18: Starved for Attention
Sep 25, 2015
Junior Jetpack becomes jealous when Beau Rockly wants to make a documentary about LarryBoy, but Larry lectures him about doing the right thing because it is right, not because it can earn fame for himself.
19: The Imposters
Sep 25, 2015
When Motato wants to steal Bob's weather machine, he attempts by wearing masks so he can trick Bob and Larry into giving it to him, all the while he seizes the opportunity to also trick them into saying mean things about others.
20: Place Trading
Sep 25, 2015
When Ichabeezer gets sick of having people ask him for money and Larry gets sick of having to work and clean up after himself, they decide to replace each other, only to discover that neither one has it as easy as they thought.
21: Locked Out
Sep 25, 2015
When Larry's panicking gets him and Bob locked out of their apartment, and then the house, they must learn how to remain calm to get back home.
22: Coach Ichabeezer
Sep 25, 2015
When Ichabeezer joins the town Little League team, he fires Larry as coach and leads all the kids to quit by being too bossy. In the end, everyone realizes that it doesn't matter what other people think of you, as long as you try your best.
Season 3
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