Season 1
Lady Dynamite
12 EPISODES • 2016
Season 1 of Lady Dynamite was released on May 20 and consists of 12 episodes.


1: Pilot
May 20, 2016
Jumping back into Los Angeles life after six months away, Maria hatches a brilliant plan to meet her neighbors and get back into Mark McGrath's good graces.
2: Bisexual Because of Meth
May 20, 2016
Maria weighs an offer to star in a wacky ramen ad and embarks on a confusing new romance with a recovering addict.
3: White Trash
May 20, 2016
Worried she may be an unwitting racist, Maria seeks out a support group and fights for a big change on the set of a sitcom pilot.
4: Jack and Diane
May 20, 2016
When Maria slips into a sultry voice at a party, a handsome stranger falls under her spell -- and brings out her worst people-pleaser instincts.
5: I Love You
May 20, 2016
Maria struggles to keep up with a sporty new beau. But before she can break it off, the relationship takes a startling turn.
6: Loaf Coach
May 20, 2016
After a long history of overcommitting, Maria hires a "loaf coach" to help her master the art of doing nothing. But her timing couldn't be worse.
7: Josue
May 20, 2016
Maria brings on a savvy young adviser to help her conquer her fear of children before a charity benefit.
8: A Vaginismus Miracle
May 20, 2016
Maria's first audition in months leads to fireworks on the Fox lot. Later, she races to have sex before her annual deadline.
9: No Friend Left Behind
May 20, 2016
Fearing she's ruined all her relationships, Maria seeks out a bitter former friend and vows to win her back by any means necessary.
10: Knife Feelings
May 20, 2016
Maria braves a romantic hurdle by inviting Scott to her tell-all stand-up show. But she doesn't count on him having some dark secrets of his own.
11: Mein Ramp
May 20, 2016
Maria is mortified to learn she's trending on YouTube for all the wrong reasons. In a flashback, she faces a difficult choice: her meds or her career.
12: Enter Super Grisham
May 20, 2016
While Scott tries to figure out what went wrong, Maria throws herself into her work. In the past, a Checklist gig finally pushes her over the edge.
Season 2
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