Season 1
6 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Sintonia was released on August 9 and consists of 6 episodes.


1: They Caught Cacau
Aug 9, 2019
Doni nurtures hopes that his musical career will take off, Nando tries to get promoted in a drug dealing operation, and Rita worries about her friend.
2: I Did a Bad Thing
Aug 9, 2019
A wounded Rita feels guilty about Cacau. Nando gets in trouble with law enforcement and Doni confronts Dondoka about stealing his music.
3: Second Chance
Aug 9, 2019
Doni starts to enjoy his success but his friends urge him to stay grounded. Nando defends a threatened Juninho and Rita sees another side of religion.
4: Do the Right Thing
Aug 9, 2019
Doni overcommits himself to too many performances, while Rita plans a fundraiser. Nando fears for his life after a drug delivery seemingly goes awry.
5: Make Your Mark
Aug 9, 2019
Badá decides what to do with Nando. Rita has a meaningful religious experience and considers her future. Doni performs to an energized crowd.
6: Moving to the Same Beat
Aug 9, 2019
A grieving Doni takes a risk during his first television appearance. Rita prepares for her baptism. Nando is rewarded within the drug cartel.
Season 2
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