Flint Town


Mar 2, 2018

Season 1 of Flint Town was released on March 2 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Welcome to Flint Town
Mar 2, 2018
As a water crisis erupts and a new mayor is sworn in, the understaffed police department faces uncertainty while struggling to protect the city.
2: Two Guns
Mar 2, 2018
A new chief ushers in change as a presidential debate comes to town. A young cadet navigates training, while veteran Frost recalls a painful incident.
3: The Rat Pack
Mar 2, 2018
Chief Johnson's new team targeting high-crime areas takes action, to mixed response from the community. Dion and his mother close in on graduation.
4: Death and Homicide
Mar 2, 2018
Flint police battle with a store that's a magnet for criminal activity. Dion has his first shift on the job. The officers react to tragedy in Dallas.
5: The Numbers
Mar 2, 2018
Flint PD copes with anti-police sentiments. The city starts a volunteer community police program. Encouraging crime statistics bring cautious optimism.
6: Devil's Night
Mar 2, 2018
Presidential candidate Donald Trump visits Flint. As voters weigh renewing a police funding tax, Chief Johnson looks for other ways to raise revenue.
7: Two Worlds
Mar 2, 2018
Election Day arrives. As nervous officers await the results, it's business as usual on the streets. Trump's win exposes divisions in the department.
8: The Stand Off
Mar 2, 2018
Johnson clashes with the city council over the budget as crime stats head in the wrong direction. Balasko and Frost ponder their future together.