Season 2

Season 1

Oct 19, 2018


1: The Woman in White
Oct 19, 2018
After moving into a new apartment with his family, a boy is haunted by frequent visions of a ghostly woman hanging in his closet.
2: The Slaughterhouse
Nov 19, 2018
Two sisters grow up scared and alone in a real-life house of horrors, where their sadistic father does unspeakable things.
3: Demon in the Dark
Nov 19, 2018
A young girl is convinced that a dark evil dwells in her grandmother's basement, where a twisted family member once dabbled in the occult.
4: Children of the Well
Nov 19, 2018
A decrepit old well in the basement connects a young boy to the spirits of three dead children who implore him to come down and play.
5: Alien Infenction
Nov 19, 2018
Otherworldly sightings -- and vivid flashbacks of unsettling medical procedures -- plague a young woman for the rest of her life.
6: Stolen Gravestone
Nov 19, 2018
A once-protective spirit becomes possessive when the young girl who inherited his tombstone meets and marries the love of her life.