The Last Kingdom
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Mar 16, 2017

In season 2, while the bloody struggle between Saxons and Vikings engulfs the land, Uhtred sets out to avenge his slain family and reclaim his ancestral home.

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1: Episode 1
Mar 16, 2017
Sent north by Alfred to ransom enslaved king Guthred, Beocca seeks help from Uhtred, who makes a new allegiance in his quest for vengeance.
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2: Episode 2
Mar 23, 2017
The stratagems of Abbot Eadred play on Guthred's weakness. Uhtred rallies the men of Cumbraland to march on Eoferwic, but faces a cruel betrayal.
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3: Episode 3
Mar 30, 2017
Hild and Ragnar hunt for Uhtred, who lays plans for escape. Alfred eyes the kingdom of Mercia, and chaos erupts when Guthred's alliance crumbles.
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4: Episode 4
Apr 6, 2017
Dispatched to Northumbria, Uhtred walks a fine line between fealty to Alfred and assisting Ragnar's savage blood feud with Kjartan.
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5: Episode 5
Apr 13, 2017
After a season of peace, Uhtred receives a mystical call to follow his fate. Erik makes a cunning request, and Beocca navigates matters of the heart.
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6: Episode 6
Apr 20, 2017
As his distrust of Uhtred deepens, Alfred sends Æthelred to drive Erik and Sigefrid from London, but the young lord harbors ambitions of his own.
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7: Episode 7
Apr 27, 2017
Æthelred faces humiliation after his blunder in London backs Alfred into a corner. Her loyalties shifting, Æthelflæd makes a dire appeal to Uhtred.
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8: Episode 8
May 4, 2017
Odda defies Alfred to coerce the king into war. Uhtred conspires with Erik to rescue Æthelflæd, forcing a fateful confrontation with Sigefrid.
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