The Staircase

Season 1

Apr 4, 2005

Accident or murder? After the mysterious death of his wife, author Michael Peterson watches his life go under the microscope.

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1: Crime or Accident?
Apr 4, 2005
Following his wife's suspicious death, Michael Peterson speaks about his version of the events while lawyers and expert witnesses prepare for trial.
2: Secrets and Lies
Apr 4, 2005
As Michael's hidden life comes out into the open, defense experts debate if it will have a significant impact on the coming trial.
3: A Striking Coincidence
Apr 11, 2005
The death of another woman close to Peterson from 17 years earlier sparks a new investigation. She also died on a staircase, casting major doubts over the defense case.
4: A Prosecution Trickery
Apr 11, 2005
As the trial looms and media attention heats up, an autopsy report's wording ruffles the feathers of the defense team.
5: A Weak Case
Apr 18, 2005
The prosecution presents its case while the defense strives to cast a reasonable doubt within the minds of the jury.
6: The Prosecution's Revenge
Apr 18, 2005
A witness brings surprising levity to the stand. The judge rules on an important matter, and Michael's alleged temper comes under scrutiny.
7: The Blow Poke Returns
Apr 25, 2005
Kathleen's sisters pore over Michael's writings. Jurors visit the staircase at Michael's home. A vital piece of evidence reappears.
8: The Verdict
Apr 25, 2005
Is Michael Peterson guilty or not guilty? The jury delivers its verdict regarding the mysterious death of his wife, Kathleen.
9: Reopening the Case
Mar 4, 2013
Eight years later, the possibility that a key witness for the prosecution may have misled the jury could prompt the need for a new trial.
10: The Last Chance
Mar 11, 2013
After more experts testify about the questionable conclusions and claims of Duane Deaver, the judge rules on whether a new trial is necessary.
11: Looking for Closure
Jun 8, 2018
Following two and a half years of house arrest, Michael must decide whether to push for a plea or risk his freedom with a new trial.
12: Between Anger and Despair
Jun 8, 2018
Their faith in the justice system forever shaken, Michael and his family discuss what they can hope to achieve by continuing the fight.
13: Flawed Justice
Jun 8, 2018
Michael speaks to a reporter about the reasons behind his plea. Later, Kathleen's sister delivers a statement of defiance in court.