Part II
Hero Mask
9 EPISODES • 2019
A former LIVE scientist's daughter may hold the key to exposing its crimes, if James can keep her alive and the SSC can fend off their new director.

Season 1


1: Episode 16
Aug 23, 2019
The SSC's new director has his own ideas about how to operate the organisation. Eddy's research turns up a lead: former scientist William Herst
2: Episode 17
Aug 23, 2019
Connor and Creighton break into Herst's house to get ot Tina. William fails to hold them off, but James and Wyatt show up to confront the intruders
3: Episode 18
Aug 23, 2019
Harry leads a team into assaulting the supposedly secure SSC safe house where James and Tina are holed up. Somehow, SSC must have been compromised.
4: Episode 19
Aug 23, 2019
While on the run from the SSC, James and Tina are deliberately hit by a truck. Looking for answers, James makes contact with Anna Winehouse.
5: Episode 20
Aug 23, 2019
With Eddy's help, James tries to infiltrate the site where Tina is being held. Connor tells Tina about her family's involvement with the masks.
6: Episode 21
Aug 23, 2019
James hands Connor over to Wyatt. In custody, Connor maintains his silence until Anna asks to question him herself.
7: Episode 22
Aug 23, 2019
Anna tells Tina about the research that proceeded her birth. William Herst regains consciousness. Coates meets with a mysterious individual.
8: Episode 23
Aug 23, 2019
Waiting for her father, Tina looks at Anna's old pictures of her parents. Wyatt and Eddy work together to find Gary Evans and stumble into an ambush.
9: Episode 24
Aug 23, 2019
Coates puts out a warrant on Evans. James, Anna, Tina and Herst try to escape the hospital via helicopter, but Connor is already inside.
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