Season 2

Season 3

Jul 16, 2021

Season 3 of Explained was released on July 16 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: Sugar
Jul 16, 2021
Once crucial for survival, sugar now poses a health risk. Is there a way to satisfy our primeval craving for sweetness in a healthy, balanced way?
2: Royalty
Jul 23, 2021
How do monarchies survive when they no longer wield power? By presenting a royal fairy tale that may not reflect the reality of the past — or present.
3: Flags
Jul 30, 2021
A flag can unite, divide and terrorize. Explore how a piece of cloth transformed into a powerful symbol of both love and hate, freedom and oppression.
4: Dogs
Aug 6, 2021
Who's a good dog? They all are! From puppy-dog eyes to feats of heroism, see how canines evolved into humankind's best friends and sources of pure love.
5: The End of Oil
Aug 13, 2021
Oil led to huge advancements - and vast inequities. As the planet warms, why is it so hard to turn away from fossil fuels, and can it be done in time?
6: Chess
Aug 20, 2021
For centuries, chess has captured hearts and minds — and pawns — and it's more popular than ever. What makes this ever-changing board game so special?
7: Your Skin
Aug 27, 2021
Don’t panic, but our skin plays host to trillions of bacteria, fungi, mites and other microscopic guests. Go beyond skin-deep with our largest organ.
8: Apologies
Sep 3, 2021
Apologizing is tough, and in this era of public mea culpas, forgiveness isn't guaranteed. What makes for a good apology, and why does it hold such power?
9: Hurricanes
Sep 10, 2021
As the planet warms, hurricanes could become even more dangerous and destructive.
10: Episode 10
Sep 17, 2021