The Hollow
Season 2

Season 1

Jun 8, 2018

Season 1 of The Hollow was released on June 8 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: The Room
Jun 8, 2018
Disoriented teens Adam, Mira and Kai are strangers who wake up in a room with no doors or windows. How did they get there? And how will they escape?
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2: The Desert
Jun 8, 2018
Captured by Minotaurs and imprisoned in a labyrinth, the teens face a grisly fate: becoming dinner for a snot-spewing monster.
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3: Apocalypse
Jun 8, 2018
The kids meet the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. While Mira tries to help Death's sick steed, Kai puts his mechanical skills to work.
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4: The Lighthouse
Jun 8, 2018
Adam, Mira and Kai spy a lighthouse and send out a distress signal -- only to stumble into a bizarre new world inhabited by a mysterious being.
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5: Ishibo
Jun 8, 2018
On a mission to find the Ishibo, Adam battles a fearsome demon monk. Kai's cry for help summons That Weird Guy, who delivers a warning.
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6: Undead
Jun 8, 2018
The friends wander into a spooky ghost town, but they soon realize they're not alone. Can they trust their new acquaintances?
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7: The Riddle
Jun 8, 2018
Separated from Kai and the others, Mira and Adam must solve an old man's riddle. Adam thinks he's spotted a clue about where they are.
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8: Ice
Jun 8, 2018
After battling an ice monster, Adam, Kai and Mira weigh whether to help the other kids, then find themselves stranded at sea.
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9: Cocoon
Jun 8, 2018
The friends land on an island overrun with mutant spider-people. Adam needs help, and their time is quickly running out.
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10: Colrath
Jun 8, 2018
Adam, Mira and Kai dodge old enemies as they race to find the tree and discover that a powerful foe guards their next destination.
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